3 Dangerous Things Preachers Must Believe When They Say They Know When Jesus Is Coming Back

It caught my ear as I was channel surfing. And then when I listened to the whole thing, I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Read Pastor Blahblah’s latest book to know EXACTLY when Jesus is coming back. Don’t miss this yadda yadda yadda.”

Honestly, after that part, I changed channels. Country music was better than that garbage. And for the record, I’m not a country music fan. Not my genre by any stretch and I would rather listen to a cowboy whine about his truck and ex-girlfriend than listen to another preacher lie to the world about when Jesus is coming back.

I have heard that story, that someone knows exactly when Jesus will return to the earth, so many times that I have stopped giving those pastors the time of day.

That may seem a bit harsh, a bit brash, but I have concluded that such preachers believe 3 dangerous things that I can’t be party to.

These ideas are so dangerous, I’ll call it what it is, it is heresy. Here are the 3 things these “I know when Jesus is coming back for sure” pastor must believe when they start preaching and writing books about it. Continue reading “3 Dangerous Things Preachers Must Believe When They Say They Know When Jesus Is Coming Back”


I DARE YOU: The Prodigal Son (Or What Do You Have Access To?)

Welcome to our ongoing series, I DARE YOU. This is our look at the unique parables of Jesus Christ from the four Gospels found in the New Testament. Once a week, we will examine one of Christ’s stories and let his challenge to his first century audience speak to us now and provoke us to live in the Kingdom of God better, more fully, more whole heartedly. We see these parables as dares to step outside of the norm of the world and enter into what God has for us. We hope that you will be likewise challenged and that you will take the dare to live a more Christlike, Kingdom of God focused life.

The Parable of the Prodigal Son may be one of the most well known of Jesus’ parables. The story of how a young man asked for his share of his still living father’s inheritance and then squandered it is a story that most Christians could require from heart.

Rather than go over this well trod parable, and in particular the prodigal son (this time, we might come back to this parable), we’ll look at the elder son. The one who stayed home is just as important to the story as the one that left, and his actions and dialogue can teach us many things.

It is the actions of the elder son that I want us to look at, and see how Jesus is challenging us, daring us to realize what we have or have access to as children of God.

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I DARE YOU: Introduction

“I dare you. I double dare you. I double dog dare you.”

How many of you have heard those words? Especially as kids, they were a regular part of schoolyard play. A dare to jump off the swing or into the nearby pond. A challenge to go beyond the school limits or into the uncharted woods. A provoking thought or idea, to do something that you would not normally do.

The dares of our childhood were calls to live outside of the norm for a moment. But when Jesus dared people, it was to live a new normal. To live outside of what had been normal, not just for a moment. Jesus didn’t call people to alter their thinking or actions as part of a fleeting schoolyard game.

Jesus dared people to change completely.

A total makeover. A life renovation. These were not schoolyard dares. These would life altering, world changing dares. Continue reading “I DARE YOU: Introduction”

Trump Said This About Immigrants. Jesus Said This About Trump.

“Why are we having all the people from s**thole countries come here?” said US President Donald Trump.

During a meeting with lawmakers today, the President expressed his disdain for potential immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and parts of Africa, wondering why people from countries like Norway weren’t knocking on America’s door.

The White House will not confirm or deny that President Trump said anything of the sort, but his recent actions towards immigrant laws seems clear. In November, the Trump Administration revoked any protection of nearly 60,000 Haitians, and recently, almost 200,000 Salvadorans from living and working in the US.¹

Trump’s message about immigrants seems clear: GET OUT. I DON’T LIKE YOU. I DON’T WANT YOU IN MY COUNTRY.

What would Jesus say to such a man as Donald Trump?

What would Jesus say about such actions and attitudes of the United States President?

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The Folly and Hypocrisy of Subjective Truth

The idea of “subjective truth” or “relative truth” or “it’s true for me, and that’s all that matters” is garbage. That is a load of garbage that does not have the strength to stand up against any logic or consistency.

Something is either true or it isn’t. There is no third option.

This can get dicey and offend people very quickly, but that doesn’t change the truth. Subjective truth is a lie that people cling to, covering their eyes, declaring they are fine as they walk off a cliff.

How can I write something so bold? How can I tell you that any notion of “relative truth” is nonsense?

A simple thought experiment will help explain this. Continue reading “The Folly and Hypocrisy of Subjective Truth”

The Gospel According To Joshua

Welcome back to our ongoing series about the gospel of each book of the Bible. Our premise is a simple one—what if there was only one book from the Holy Bible, as our sole source of divine Scriptures? What would this one book teach us? What Gospel would we find there?

In this way, we not only find out that all the books in the Bible are useful for edifying and equipping, but we also see the consistent story that is found throughout all Scripture. We see that the Bible is a coherent story of God’s love for us, throughout the different eras, different authors, and different genres of writings.

When you pick up the Bible, as a whole, Joshua is the first book after the Books of Moses. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy are all accredited to the man that led Israel out of Egypt, and now it is time for the book about the man who led Israel into the Promised Land.

But if this book was totally disconnected from the aforementioned five books, what would we learn? Not just about Israel’s history and their settling into the land of Canaan, but what would we learn about the God that talks to Joshua? What ideas and doctrines might we make based on what we find in these pages of war and conquest?

While there may be plenty to glean from a gospel according to Joshua, here are three things that we can all agree on. Continue reading “The Gospel According To Joshua”

Don’t NOT Worry About Health and Fitness

New Year’s is upon us and most people are contemplating their Resolutions.

What will they try? What will they change? Will they actually get their butts in gear and do that one thing that they have always dreamed of doing?

For some, it’s paying off debt. For others, they want to start writing that book they keep thinking about (that one is me.) And probably the universal New Years Resolution, people want to get into shape or be healthier.

Is that okay? Can Christians worry about their bodies, how they look, and not sin? Can we try to fit into a small dress size, or do a few more push ups and not be vain, proud people? Continue reading “Don’t NOT Worry About Health and Fitness”