My Top 5 Favorite Prayers

Thomas Nelson

50 dangerous prayers are a lot more than you might think. And it takes more time to read through and properly appreciate all of them than one might consider.

While these prayers were not meant for an audience to read (prayer is between us and God), there were some prayers that resonated with me. They spoke to something in my spirit or sounded like they came from a person that I want to be like.

While all 50 prayers in this book were powerful, life-changing words, I’ve picked from my favourites some that I thought you might enjoy as well.

Consider these my Top 5 Favorite Prayers from Dangerous Prayers: 50 Powerful Prayers That Changed The World.

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Can We Trust The Gospels? by Peter J. Williams: Book Review

Crossway Publishers

Can we trust the Bible?

Or better yet, can we trust the parts of the Bible that talk about Jesus, specifically? It’s easy to read the Psalms and say “sure, maybe someone wrote these a long time ago. Anyone can praise God or be angry”. But is there any certainty that the stories of a miracle worker in ancient Israel are true? Or that the sermons he preached weren’t made up hundreds of years later? Or the claims about his life weren’t fabricated to make him more important than he actually was?

These aren’t just the questions of the skeptics. Believers are, and should, ask these questions about Jesus and the Gospels as well.  But where do you start? What evidence is there that the Gospels are true? What proof is there that Jesus was who he said he was?

Can We Trust the Gospels? by Peter J. Williams is the perfect place to begin.

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Dangerous Prayers – 50 Powerful Prayers That Changed The World: Book Review

Thomas Nelson

History is filled with moments. Moments that were so powerful that life was never the same after that. Some were in battle. Some were in the halls of government. Some were done with weapons and great violence.

Those we hear about most often. But there have been other moments that have changed the world. These were moments of prayer.

Collected to show the powerful nature of prayer and the kinds of things some significant people prayed, Dangerous Prayers – 50 Powerful Prayers That Changed The World tells the story of courageous men and women that believed God heard them.

Beautifully illustrated by Francesca Resta and compiled by Susan Hill, this book stands as a unique testament to the power of prayer, praying people, and God’s answers to his people. Continue reading “Dangerous Prayers – 50 Powerful Prayers That Changed The World: Book Review”

Happy Holidays!


Whether you are celebrating President’s Day (in the USA) or Family Day (in Canada), we hope you have an enjoyable and safe time.

God bless!

Weekly Prayer: February 17th, 2019

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I look up at the sky above,

The vast expanse where you sit enthroned.

I marvel at the jewels of your seat,

the song they sing, of your glory untold.


I look upon the fields of wheat,

The grains that sway, to and fro,

Raised heads and hands singing praise

To the Good Farmer to provides for all.


I look down from the mountain peak,

the earth laid before my feet.

The whole of creation cries out as one,

Glory to the Creator of us all.


I look at me and the wretch inside,

Disobedient, rebellious, cold and dark,

How could You love me, adorn me with grace

Include me in a family of favour untold?


I look up to the cross,

And I weep.

How great is our God that this

Is how he shows himself?


I look up to the tree of Calvary

And I wonder.

Is the word “love” enough

To describe what You feel for me?


For poor, miserable, wretched little me?


This prayer first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.

What I Read This Week (02.16.19)

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Every week, I share the articles and posts I enjoyed, the ones that made me think, the few that reminded me of the truths of Scripture. I hope you enjoy the posts that I read over the last seven days and are encouraged by them too.


7 Tips For Keeping Your Cool When Your Kids Misbehave

With 3 kids under 5, my cool is not always that cool. I’m sure I’m not the only parent that needs the help when the screaming and fighting gets to be too much.

Hopefully this will you, as it is slowly helping me.


Prophecy Is All About The Future: Myth #1

Following the release of his new book, Simply Spirit-Filled, Andrew Gabriel shares bits (and more) about living with the Holy Spirit. This myth (there are more on the way) address the idea that prophesy is more than future.


Waiting When God Seems Silent

We all experience a quiet God from time to time. Knowing why or what to do in those moments helps.


How To Pray When You Hate Your Job

You know if you need to read this or not, so I’ll just leave this here.


Kintsugi And Grace

A simple reminder that brokenness is not the end.


This article first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.

Each Answer Is An Act Of Grace

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”Why doesn’t God answer me?”

“Why can’t I hear God?”

“I’ve been praying for a really long time, and, nothing.”

The cries of Christians and their unanswered prayers are familiar to most of us. Probably because we have grumbled and complained these exact words.

We go to God in prayer, and nothing happens. The prayer hides the ceiling and comes back down. It leaves us feeling empty, abandon, and often, frustrated with God.

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