Weekly Prayer: May 26th, 2019



Sometimes I don’t have words to pray. Sometimes I am so absolutely floored at God, at what he has done for me and my family,…I just can’t say anything.

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What I Read This Week (05.25.19)

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Every week, I share the articles and posts I enjoyed, the ones that made me think, the few that reminded me of the truths of Scripture. I hope you enjoy the posts that I read over the last seven days and are encouraged by them too.


You Can Always Use One More Translation, or Why I Read the NIVNKJVESVNLTNASBMSGKJVCSBNET Bible

We all have our favourite Bible translations. There is nothing wrong with that. But maybe we need to loosen our grip on that one a bit, and realize that, sometimes, more than one is better.


The Five Marks of A Spiritually Mature Leader

Whether you are a leader or not, it’s important to know what a good and mature leader looks like. Not every leader is. Not everyone knows what to look for in their leaders. Be in the know.

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The Ecological Message In The Story of The Boy That Cried Wolf


Everyone knows the story of The Boy That Cried Wolf, but we have missed a significant message buried within.

A shepherd boy mistakenly believes that a wolf is coming to kill his sheep and the people of the town, so he cries out in the night all their worst fears.

“Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!”

But the wolf didn’t come.

The towns folk are annoyed but they let it slide.

It happens again.

The boy mistakenly believes the wolf is coming to satisfy it’s ravenous hunger. He flees to the town screaming.

“Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!”

But the wolf didn’t come.

The towns folk are frustrated, determined that the shepherd boy is lying to get a ruse out of the poor people. They decide they will never listen to him again.

Then the wolf does come.

The shepherd boy, with all his cries and warnings, is unheard. The “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” is not heeded.

The sheep, the boy, the towns folk are devoured.

We tell that story, and we tend to attach a very specific moral lesson on the end: the importance of telling the truth. No one will believe you if you keep saying something that isn’t true.

An admiral moral lesson to be sure, but far from the only one. There is another lesson to be learned, one that Christians need to pay attention to.

The wolf does come. Continue reading “The Ecological Message In The Story of The Boy That Cried Wolf”

Why My Posts Have Become Less Frequent (or A Life Update)

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You may have noticed that my posts have been fewer and less frequent than they have been in a while. There is a reason for that.

It isn’t that I don’t have things to say or share. Believe me, I have lots to talk about. But rather, something else is going on in my life, and I figured it was time I let you know.

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Weekly Prayer: May 19th, 2019

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In the depths of despair,

In the shadows of death,

In the mire of depression,

In the bleekness of darkness,

You are there.

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We Are At War

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It is easy to get lost in the rote of everyday life. But we mustn’t.

There is nothing routine or average or mundane about our lives. Even the simplest things have the power to cause cosmic problems.

We are at war.

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When Are The Holy Moments?

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We all want to take part in a “holy moment”.

You know what I’m talking about. Those brief seconds where the heavens open, the glorious sunshine cascades over you as a symbol of your connection with God, and something spectacular happens.

Who doesn’t want that?

We all (secretly) dream of God speaking to us that way, or showing up in the middle of a Sunday service, or answering our prayers that way. We all want those “holy moments”.

The problem is, we don’t realize they happen all the time.

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