2 Things To Remember When It Feels Like God Isn’t Answering Your Prayer

We tend to think God isn’t listening or that His arm is too short to answer our prayers. Actually, the problem is us…kind of.

If you have ever prayed, asked God for something, an answer, some direction, healing, anything; if you have prayed and God has not answered, raise you hand. Or click the like button. Something to show that you are with me on this.

I have prayed for years now, asking God what He has called me to this particular place for, what role I am supposed to be playing in the church, and I have heard nothing in response. Maybe you have prayed the exact same prayer. Or maybe your pray was more noble and it was a prayer for someone else. Perhaps you have been asking for a loved one to be healed of a long time illness. You could be asking God to send that special someone your way, or make something work out for you to take that next step in your job or school, or in life. Continue reading “2 Things To Remember When It Feels Like God Isn’t Answering Your Prayer”

BFB Reviews: The Chamberlain Key by Timothy Smith

What started out as a strange coincident turned out to be something much stranger than Timothy Smith first considered. A simple Bible story suddenly became a rabbit hole type mystery that sent Smith on a wild journey, unlocking a secret code that would rock his world in ways he never dreamed.

But is it true? The question one asks themselves when glancing on the cover, pondering what “The God Code” will reveal, is how accurate are Timothy Smith’s findings? What will happen if they are true?

Sadly, The Chamberlain Key is not some great, lost mystery that has recently been unearthed. Rather, this is a book that should be left alone, itself lost and forgotten.

Continue reading “BFB Reviews: The Chamberlain Key by Timothy Smith”

On June 18th, Be Kind


If you didn’t flip to your calendar app to check, or glance up at the one hanging on the wall, let me tell you: June 18th is Father’s Day.

While a large part of me is writing this for pastors and teachers, as they prepare sermons and lessons for the upcoming holiday, I can’t help but think that this message needs to be heard by more than just the spiritual leaders. Everyone needs to be kind on Father’s Day. Continue reading “On June 18th, Be Kind”

Why God Uses Those Moments When We Have Hit Rock Bottom

There are times when I feel like I am beating my head against a rock. I keep struggling with the same issue, the same problem over and over again. I ask myself why it is still a regular obstacle, but I can never get an answer. I’ll pray about it, and God seems to be silent on the matter.

It doesn’t matter what the particular issue is, we all have that one thing that we continually come up against and fumble. Time and again, we fall, we succumb to the pressure. And then, time and again, we wonder where we have gone wrong, and how can we possibly fix. Continue reading “Why God Uses Those Moments When We Have Hit Rock Bottom”

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading The Old Testament

I’ve been reading through the Pentateuch for my personal devotions. It has been a long time coming, and as soon as I’m done with Deuteronomy, I’ll keep going and start reading Joshua. It’s tough. Not only because the names are hard to pronounce. Not because the laws and rituals and rites and commandments get to be overwhelming and jumbled in my mind. And not because of the strange stories that litter the commands of God, like Balaam and the talking donkey. It’s tough reading through the Old Testament because very few people do.

Most people spend their time reading the Gospels or the Epistles that were written by Paul. To be fair, some people will delve into the Psalms or the Prophets, if they are interested in end times theology, but by and large, the New Testament is where people park themselves when it comes to personal Scripture reading (if they do that at all).

Now, I am not saying that they are wrong to do this. The importance of the New Testament, the words of Jesus, the writings of Paul, and the other books that round out the 27 books, cannot be understated. But to overemphasize the New and undermine the Old Testament does a great disservice to a large portion of our Holy Scriptures. There needs to be a balance between the two.

Because¬†most people aren’t reading the Old Testament now, and I am, I’ll give you 3 reasons why you should be considering the first 39 books of the Bible for your personal devotions. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading The Old Testament”

MyBookLook: The Dawn of Christianity by Robert J. Hutchinson

“What did Jesus do and say, in as little as one year and a maximum of three years, that could possibly have had such an impact? How did the community he somehow gathered together so quickly – made up of semiliterate fishermen, prostitutes, tax collectors, wealthy widows, day labourers, and even Roman soldiers – give birth to the spiritual revolution that became Christianity?”

What makes Christianity so special? What sets it apart from any other religion? These are important questions. But if you dig a little deeper, there are more interesting, more disturbing questions.

How did a movement that changed the world start, when the founder only worked for a maximum of three years? What did this Jesus do to have such an impact that has lasted for thousands of years? What did his followers do to spread this movement from a small Middle Eastern country to almost every corner of the globe? These are the types of questions that The Dawn of Christianity is interested in answering, and in a way that will truly set this book apart. Continue reading “MyBookLook: The Dawn of Christianity by Robert J. Hutchinson”

MyBookLook: Jesus Journey by Trent Sheppard

Was Jesus 100% God, or 100% man? Or did he have a mixture of humanity and divinity, some 50-50 mix? Or 60-40?

This has been a question that has bothered Christians since the days of the Early Church, with Christians falling on different answers. For most Christians, the answer is usually heavy on the divinity, with humanity sprinkled in. Trent Sheppard disagrees. Jesus was not some mixture of divinity and humanity, Jesus was 100% and 100%. But as a reaction to most Christian’s belief in Jesus’ overbearing divinity, Jesus Journey comes to show us how human Jesus really was. Continue reading “MyBookLook: Jesus Journey by Trent Sheppard”