It’s Okay To Be Different

I can’t say that I ever thought about sleepovers as a bad thing.

A group of kids get together, have their parents bring them snacks while a movie is playing behind the roar of laughter. Then when it gets to be late night or early morning, all the kids fall asleep in the livingroom in sleeping bags. In the morning, all the kids eat breakfast and go to their respected homes.

But Tim Challies reminded us that even innocent events like sleepovers aren’t without their problems. And with that, Tim invites Christians to be different. And that’s okay. Continue reading “It’s Okay To Be Different”


Tyndale (re)Views: Fire Road by Kim Phuc Phan Thi

A picture says a thousand words unless it’s this picture. Then it says so much. To Kim Phuc Phan Thi, the iconic “Napalm Girl” photograph screams “PAIN.”

Taken shortly after a napalm bomb destroyed her home and village, Kim Phuc went running down the highway towards photographers and reporters covering the Vietnam War. What they couldn’t see was the napalm burning the little girl, leaving massive scars on her back and left arm. Those scars would remain for decades, inflicting intense pain, and reaching deep down to where napalm could not reach, her soul. The events on that fiery road would affect Kim Phuc in ways she would never have imagined as a little girl.

But that isn’t the whole story.

While that photograph does depict the very real pain that Kim Phuc felt, it also shows something else. This is the beginning of the story, not the end. Continue reading “Tyndale (re)Views: Fire Road by Kim Phuc Phan Thi”

It’s Time To Stop – An Open Letter To Open Letter Writers

Dear Open Letter Writers,

I’d like to discuss your recently actions and attitudes, specially those regarding your numerous “open letters.” It seems that with every terrorist attack, every outing of some political or celebrity figure’s misconduct, ever situation that is labelled as “bad, evil, wrong, immoral” or somehow falls short of exactly what we like, hundreds of open letters are penned and posted.

It’s time to stop. It’s time to say goodbye to open letters. And that goes double for Christians. Continue reading “It’s Time To Stop – An Open Letter To Open Letter Writers”

Step Back With Kim Phuc and Realize

Fire Road, the memoir written by Kim Phuc Phan Thi, is amazing. The trials and difficulties that she has lived through, the adventures that God has taken her on, the depths and heights that have marked her life are awe inspiring.

And at the end of it all, after having been burnt by napalm in the Vietnam War, dragged around by different Communist countries using her as a “spokesperson” for their regimes, and feeling pain like no one else and everyone at the same time, Kim Phuc concludes her book with a powerful reminder. First to her immediate family, but ultimately to all Christians.

“That evening, all the local relatives—my aunts and uncles, my in-town siblings, my nieces, my nephews, all of their spouses and kids—were convening for a delicious family feast [in Vietnam]. So much food, so much drink, so much levity, so much joy . . . how far we all had come across the decades. Our lives had not always been so abundant. “We are so blessed,” I said to my family that evening. “Do you see it? Richly blessed.” Continue reading “Step Back With Kim Phuc and Realize”

No Other Saviour Saves

D0D32BBC-75CE-46F2-8C8E-EFAB77174D07Nick Ut/The Associated Press

If you’ve ever learned anything about the Vietnam War, you have seen this picture. That girl, the one screaming in terror, body covered in horrible scars, clothes melted off, is Kim Phuc.

To say that she has a powerful, heartbreaking story is an understatement. But it isn’t just a story about what happened to her then or is happening now. In her own memoir, her telling of her life events, she shares some very potent spiritual wisdom.

What makes Kim Phuc’s words so powerful is not the traumatic experience behind it, but the honest and relatable those words are to people that have never known her world.

“I had reached for God when I was nineteen and had reached for him every day since. I had done this because at one time or another I had reached for all other saviours, and none of them had saved me at all.” – Fire Road, A Memoir of Hope by Kim Phuc

Continue reading “No Other Saviour Saves”

What We Can Do In Light Of Canada’s “Legalizing” Bestiality

The Canadian courts have ruled that “most” bestiality is legal.
Bestiality. Legal. In Canada.

The act of making love to an animal, with an animal; any kind of sexual interaction with an animal is legal in the Dominion of Canada. Most of it. As long as there is no penetration, it is totally fine to do whatever you want to an animal now.

(Excuse me while I shutter and cringe at the sickening idea of all this.)

To make matters worse, this was decided in June. And only now am I hearing about this. This has been legal for almost 6 months and there was very little new coverage on it. The news was reported but virtually no more was said after the initial report.

How did this happen? What are we as Christians, living in Canada or not, supposed to do when our governments make decisions like this?

While my initial reaction was pure disgust, I was reminded that Jesus did not come into the world to condemn it (John 3:17). And as Jesus did not condemn, he also told his followers that they were not to condemn others (Luke 6:37).

So what can we do, in this very specific case of Canada OKing bestiality?

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3 Reasons Why Christians Should Be Involved In The #MeToo Movement


The news is just a parade of people stepping forward and sharing the sickening truth; they were sexually assaulted. They were touched inappropriately. They were put in uncomfortable situations by powerful individuals, seeking to exploit their bodies.

It’s a disgusting reality, even for those that have never experienced it. The exploitation of people, male or female, is not right. It is very, very wrong.

But sadly, not everyone is speaking up. Not everyone is talking about how wrong it is. For Christians, this is not acceptable. We need to be vocal. We need to speak out against such actions, whether they are done in the dark or not.

Whether you were sexual assaulted at some point, your spouse or someone else you know, as a Christian, you have skin in this. You are a part of what is happening. You need to be a part of the #MeToo movement for three reasons. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Christians Should Be Involved In The #MeToo Movement”