Your Pastor Doesn’t Need Your Criticism


It’s way too easy to criticize a pastor. I mean it, way too easy. I can do it without trying. My criticism in on the verge of becoming a part of me, my first nature. Forget about second nature.

But my criticism got slammed this week.

It wasn’t something that someone said. It wasn’t a clever rebuke or correction that made me soften my thoughts.

I looked him in the eye. Continue reading “Your Pastor Doesn’t Need Your Criticism”


I Pledge Allegaince To…


It’s everywhere, on Twitter, Facebook, and all over the news.

Should athletes knee or refuse to stand during the singing or playing of the American national anthem?

As a Canadian, this doesn’t really affect me, but as a Christian it does. Because behind the questions and rhetoric about nationalism, patriotism, protesting, and a host of other things that are being lumped into these actions is something very deep and very spiritual.

This is all about allegiance and who you are swearing your allegiance to. Continue reading “I Pledge Allegaince To…”

How Radical Is Grace?

How could you suggest we love the KKK? Or Neo-Nazis or the white supremacists? How could you suggest that you talk nice about Adolf Hitler, the man responsible for the death of millions of people during World War II?

How could you possibly suggest any kind or level of grace to such hate-filled, vile, despicable, evil people?

Because God’s grace is that scandalous. Continue reading “How Radical Is Grace?”

It Is Not Okay To Encourage Suicide, Even If It This Guy

Let me start with a portion of Scripture from the epistle of James.

“With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.” – James 3:9-10

I’m sure that this scripture is not strange or new to you. Most Christians have heard numerous sermons about the dangers of the tongue, how it starts fires and destroys people. And if it hasn’t been preached, the changes are good that you have read through this epistle as it is very popular as a guide in spiritual maturity.

That’s what I want to talk about: spiritual maturity, suicide, and Adolf Hitler. Continue reading “It Is Not Okay To Encourage Suicide, Even If It This Guy”

Please, Learn The Names

My first and middle names aren’t difficult to say. Nor are they particularly difficult to spell. But over the 30 years of my life, I have discovered that plenty of people have problems pronouncing and spelling my last name.

It’s Rivett. Like the small fastening screw, ‘rivet’ but with an extra ‘t’ on the end. It isn’t pronounced with a French accent. It is not ‘Riva’ or some strange variation thereof. My name is Reginald James Rivett.

Because I’ve had to spell out, time and again, I have a certain sensitivity to getting other peoples’ names correct. Even if it is a largely common name like John, I’ll make sure that it is spelt with the ‘h’.

It is a respect thing for me, and sadly something that is lost on too many Christian, pastors included. I think it is high time we start remedying that. Continue reading “Please, Learn The Names”

What 5 Years Of Marriage Has Taught Us


Today marks the 5 year wedding anniversary for my wife and I.

It was a sunny day in 2012 when a goofy looking kid and a stunning bride stood in a beautiful garden in Alberta, Canada, and promised to love each other forever. It was a day that I’ll never forget.

Looking at my wife in her beautiful white dress, I thought I was totally prepared for what lay ahead of us. While that was partially true, there have been many things that I have learned along the way. But marriage is the coming together of two people, a husband and wife committing to do life together.

So, these are not just 5 things that I have learned in 5 years of marriage. These are 5 things that WE have learned (and are still working on) in 5 years of marriage. Continue reading “What 5 Years Of Marriage Has Taught Us”

We Need To Take The Gospel To Our Parenting

It is often the problem for Christians that we live without acting on what we confess to be true. We claim that we are saved from our sin by our faith in Jesus, but we continue to strive for a certain goodness. For example, when bad things happen, we complain and moan to the heavens. “Why did this happen to me?Haven’t I done everything You demanded of me?” As if our works earned us some safety or haven from destruction.

When we stop and think about it, we realize that when we complain about bad things happening to us or God “letting” us suffer, we aren’t living out what we believe. We are confessing with our lips, but our hearts are far away, as the prophets said. As followers of Jesus, our walk needs to match our talk.

But as much as this is true about our faith, it is also true about our parenting. Continue reading “We Need To Take The Gospel To Our Parenting”