Tyndale (re)View: Almost There by Bekah DiFelice

“Home, then, becomes a quest driven by the belief that peace and rest are out there somewhere, if only you could find them on a map or in a career field or among a community of people who finally “get you.””

Have you lost track of the number of times you’ve moved? Not quite sure where you are from, because you called so many different places home? Or maybe you haven’t moved around a lot, but you still feel like you aren’t “quite there” or you aren’t in the right place yet? Continue reading “Tyndale (re)View: Almost There by Bekah DiFelice”

Education Won’t Stop Bullying

It won’t stop if you teach parents or kids how to identifying it, because what is needed is more than a class on not being mean.


Change.org sent me an email, stating that I would be interested in signing this particular petition. They were right. I was bullying as a kid, all the way up into the later years of high school. Signing a petition about bullying was something that did interest me.

As I read through the particulars of this petition, however, I became increasingly irritated. Not with Change.org, or the people behind the petition in question; I was frustrated because the petition wouldn’t “fix” anything. Continue reading “Education Won’t Stop Bullying”

4 Thoughts On Eugene Peterson’s Change Of Opinion On Gay Marriage

Early this morning, Religion News posted an interview with Eugene Peterson, discussing the publication of his last book. While that may be what it started out as, everyone is talking about what Peterson said in response to this question.

You are Presbyterian, and your denomination has really been grappling with some of the hot-button issues. I think particularly of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Has your view on that changed over the years?

I haven’t had a lot of experience with it. But I have been in churches when I was an associate pastor where there were several women who were lesbians. They didn’t make a big deal about it. I’d go and visit them and it never came up for them. They just assumed that they were as Christian as everybody else in the church.

In my own congregation — when I left, we had about 500 people — I don’t think we ever really made a big deal out of it. When I left, the minister of music left. She’d been there ever since I had been there. There we were, looking for a new minister of music. One of the young people that had grown up under my pastorship, he was a high school teacher and a musician. When he found out about the opening, he showed up in church one day and stood up and said, “I’d like to apply for the job of music director here, and I’m gay.” We didn’t have any gay people in the whole congregation. Well, some of them weren’t openly gay. But I was so pleased with the congregation. Nobody made any questions about it. And he was a really good musician.

I wouldn’t have said this 20 years ago, but now I know a lot of people who are gay and lesbian and they seem to have as good a spiritual life as I do. I think that kind of debate about lesbians and gays might be over. People who disapprove of it, they’ll probably just go to another church. So we’re in a transition and I think it’s a transition for the best, for the good. I don’t think it’s something that you can parade, but it’s not a right or wrong thing as far as I’m concerned.

Peterson does go on to talk about other things, but this is what has people riled up, and these are the 4 thoughts I had after I read the whole interview.

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MyBookLook: Goliath MUST Fall by Louie Giglio


You are closer than you think to a life that’s not diminished any longer. A life of true freedom. A life that fully radiates God’s glory.”

There are some problems that will not leave. Some obstacles rear their ugly heads over and over again. It doesn’t matter what we do, what we change, what we pray; they are always there. You can call them stumbling blocks. You can call them whatever small, cutesy name you want, but the reality is anything but. These problems, they are giants. Demoralising, life-stomping giants standing in the way of you and the life that you want.

To hope and say “one day, my giant will be slain” is to still leave you in the clutches of fear and despair. To say that “my giant was defeated in the past” sets us up feeling like the giant wasn’t really dead, or perhaps we somehow, accidentally, resurrected it. To speak of the giant’s demise in the past or future leaves us with strange and conflicting ideas. Because the truth is, the giant is dead. He must fall down. It can and will stay down. Continue reading “MyBookLook: Goliath MUST Fall by Louie Giglio”

It’s Time To Up Your Game


I like to think I’m pretty smart. I know a few things, at least, I think I do. I’ve got my Bachelor degree. I’ve got some, although limited, experience preaching. My reading quota has been upped this year, improving my knowledge base.

HOWEVER, after reading from the latest edition of Robert E. Picirilli’s Paul the Apostle, I was overwhelmed by how little I know, how limited my education and understanding is, and how all pastors and teachers need to up their game. Because the Apostle Paul had game for miles, and I mean MILES. The least we could do is honour his work by actually doing some work.

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Just Let The 10 Commandments Go Already

Personnel from the Secretary of State’s office inspect the damage to the new Ten Commandments monument outside the state Capitol in Little Rock, Ark., Wednesday morning, June 28, 2017, after someone crashed into it with a vehicle, less than 24 hours after the privately funded monument was installed on the Capitol grounds. Authorities arrested a male suspect. (AP Photo/Jill Zeman Bleed) TIME Magazine

The Ten Commandments made the news again when an Arkansas monument was destroyed…again. This was the second set of stone tablets to be erected on the State Capitol property, and within 24 hours, they were smashed.

(If you aren’t seeing any weird Moses story connections, I suggest re-reading that first paragraph.)

While the destruction of The Ten Commandments monument may be a religious hate-crime, while having them up in the first place maybe seen as a passive aggressive way of forcing religion on people that don’t want it, or seen as a way of moralizing a spiritual faith, I want to go on the record: IT IS TIME TO LET THE TEN COMMANDMENTS DIE. Continue reading “Just Let The 10 Commandments Go Already”

MyBookLook: Launch Your Dream by Dale Partridge

“…if you don’t chase your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.”

It’s the dream of many people to be their own boss. To be able to call the shots, to be in charge of their own company, their own future; it’s something that a large percentage of the population wants. But so few can actually say that is what their lives are like. More and more people remain living in their fantasy, longing for the day when they will be able to stop living with their heads in the clouds, and actually see their dreams as reality. What they need to do is to start. But how? How do you Launch Your Dream? Dale Partridge is here to help.

In a 30-day, step by step book, this Wall Street bestselling author shares everything you would need to know to go from dreaming about your business to living your business. From passion to profession, Partridge takes expert and practised advice, and encourages and equips the dreams to move on from their day jobs and into their dream jobs. Discussing the things that you need to know, like branding, “whyology”, how to relearn customer service, and so many valuable entrepreneurial skills, Launch Your Dream will speak to you no matter what kind of business you want to start. Continue reading “MyBookLook: Launch Your Dream by Dale Partridge”