EPIC – The Story That Changed The World by Aaron Armstrong and Heath McPherson: Book Review

B&H Kids

The Bible is an astonishing book. There is no other text like the Scriptures. Over 40 authors. Dozens of literary styles. An overarching story of over 6000 years. But will it keep my teenager engaged? Will my 10 year old want to read it? Continue reading “EPIC – The Story That Changed The World by Aaron Armstrong and Heath McPherson: Book Review”

The Parables of Jesus by David Wenham: A Book Review

IVP Academic

The significance of Jesus’ parables cannot be understated. They are a major portion of the Gospels, not to mention a healthy chunk of his recorded teachings. And as such, the Parables of Jesus have been taught on, preached about, and otherwise expounded upon at length. To the point of exhaustion, if you ask some church parishioners.

So how are we to understand these stories? Because they are stories after all, correct? They aren’t actual facts…or are they? Are heaven and hell really just a chasm apart? Is God like an angry king that begrudgingly answers a widow’s prayers? Does Jesus really not understand that mustard seeds aren’t the smallest seeds there are? Continue reading “The Parables of Jesus by David Wenham: A Book Review”

Grown-Up Faith by Kevin Myers: Book Review

Thomas Nelson Publishing

It isn’t enough to just believe, you need to grow in your belief. You need to take steps to deepen your relationship with Christ. You need to walk into the fullness of a life of faith.

You can’t stay a baby of faith; there’s too much life to enjoy.

Kevin Myers, in his new book Grown-Up Faith, aims to help believers and non-believers take the steps to move from infancy to maturity. With funny personal stories and simple language, Myers shows what it looks like to leave the former things behind, and grab onto the new and great things a life of faith has for us all. Continue reading “Grown-Up Faith by Kevin Myers: Book Review”

Vertical Marriage by Dave and Ann Wilson: Book Review


“God is not optional, supplemental, or even a helpful puzzle piece to a better marriage. No, God is the very table on which the puzzle rests. He is not a supplement; he is the strength itself.”

After the ‘I do’s, newlyweds don’t seem to worry too much about the after part. They are excited about being married. Sadly, they might not be adequately prepared for what’s coming.

After 5, 10, 25 years of marriage, couples can hit a wall. Things have drastically changed since ‘I do’, so much that a husband and wife can say ‘I don’t’ and ‘I won’t’ to a marriage.

What can be done to save a marriage from collapse? What magic can we cast over our most important relationship to keep it strong, whether we are at the start, in the middle, or staring at the end?

Go Vertical.

Continue reading “Vertical Marriage by Dave and Ann Wilson: Book Review”

Can We Trust The Gospels? by Peter J. Williams: Book Review

Crossway Publishers

Can we trust the Bible?

Or better yet, can we trust the parts of the Bible that talk about Jesus, specifically? It’s easy to read the Psalms and say “sure, maybe someone wrote these a long time ago. Anyone can praise God or be angry”. But is there any certainty that the stories of a miracle worker in ancient Israel are true? Or that the sermons he preached weren’t made up hundreds of years later? Or the claims about his life weren’t fabricated to make him more important than he actually was?

These aren’t just the questions of the skeptics. Believers are, and should, ask these questions about Jesus and the Gospels as well.  But where do you start? What evidence is there that the Gospels are true? What proof is there that Jesus was who he said he was?

Can We Trust the Gospels? by Peter J. Williams is the perfect place to begin.

Continue reading “Can We Trust The Gospels? by Peter J. Williams: Book Review”

Dangerous Prayers – 50 Powerful Prayers That Changed The World: Book Review

Thomas Nelson

History is filled with moments. Moments that were so powerful that life was never the same after that. Some were in battle. Some were in the halls of government. Some were done with weapons and great violence.

Those we hear about most often. But there have been other moments that have changed the world. These were moments of prayer.

Collected to show the powerful nature of prayer and the kinds of things some significant people prayed, Dangerous Prayers – 50 Powerful Prayers That Changed The World tells the story of courageous men and women that believed God heard them.

Beautifully illustrated by Francesca Resta and compiled by Susan Hill, this book stands as a unique testament to the power of prayer, praying people, and God’s answers to his people. Continue reading “Dangerous Prayers – 50 Powerful Prayers That Changed The World: Book Review”

Simply Spirit-Filled by Andrew Gabriel: Book Review

Emanate Books/Thomas Nelson

“The Holy Spirit is not hazardous…if you are a Christian, you can’t escape the Holy Spirit anyway, because the Spirit dwells within you…”

The Holy Spirit may not be escapable, but that doesn’t mean that all Christians are chasing him down. There is so much confusion about who the Spirit is, what he does, what he wants; the Third member of the Trinity is largely a mystery because of the uncertainty and clashing teachings.

What are we supposed to think? What should we know about this Holy Spirit and the way in which he operates, and what does he want with us?

Out of the Pentecostal-Charismatic movement comes a man with answers. Dr. Andrew Gabriel, minister and professor of theology at Horizon College and Seminary, helps to clarify and demystify the Holy Spirit and what it really means to be “filled with the Spirit”. Continue reading “Simply Spirit-Filled by Andrew Gabriel: Book Review”