Weekly Prayer: May 27th, 2018

Lord God,

We know that you are our Redeemer, that you alone could and have graciously saved us. We are no longer captives to sin and death. We are free because of Jesus.

Help us to know what that means. Help us to set our hearts and minds on these things.

Help us to know what it is to be redeemed. Help us understand the tremendous cost, the great lengths that you went to see us set free. May we be overwhelmed by the power of your grace and goodness. May we be found swimming in oceans of your love and radical forgiveness.

Help us to know what this freedom is that we have in you. Help us to understand that we are not shackled to the ways and patterns of this world. We are able to live by your Spirit, the way of Love.

Move us by your Spirit. Teach us by your Spirit, Lord, that we would be drawn back to you with renewed awe and worship.

We pray in the mighty name of Jesus,


Photo credit: Godsgirl_madi, via pixabay.com

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Weekly Prayer: May 20th, 2018

Holy Father,

We come to you today with eager anticipation and rememberance. We remember today that you did not leave us alone. That while your Son ascended to your right hand, You sent your Spirit to us.

You sent us the Holy Spirit, to encourage us, to equip us, to lead us in all righteousness. You sent us the very Spirit of Christ, that we would know your heart and go forth to do you will in holy power.

We remember the disciples gathered together, unified in one accord, all equally equipped, all equally blessed, all equally baptized by your Spirit.

We remember these things, and we eager anticipate our baptism in your Holy Spirit. We long for the gifts, the holy abilities that you would bestow on us. Not for us, but to do your will, Lord. To further your kingdom, to glorify you, to make disciples as Christ called us to.

We eagerly wait for your Spirit and fire to burn away all of us so that Christ would shine through us, and draw people to You. We desire to have that close relationship with you that comes with the indwelling of your Spirit.

Lord, we are a people, hungry and thirst for you. Fill us with your Spirit. Overwhelm us with your Spirit. Cleanse us by your Spirit. Move us by your Spirit.

May your name be glorified in our remember and our eager waiting, Lord.

In the powerful name of Jesus,


Photo Credit: Saint Peter in prayer, Matthias Stom, 1630-1644

This article first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.

Weekly Prayer: May 13th, 2018

Heavenly Father,

Our Father with the bleeding, loving heart of a mother,

We come to you, first, with thanksgiving. We thank you, Lord, for mothers.

Thank you, Lord, for the living embodiment of sacrifice and unending love that is our mothers. Thank you for these women that instinctively know how to give and give, emptying themselves out for their children, day after day, and night after night. Thank you for these special ladies that have given so much of themselves; some giving up jobs, some giving up advancement, some putting their life and dreams on hold, just to give their kids a chance. Thank you for those women that have given us other things, equally important things, like examples of dedication to a job, a thirst to succeed and achieve, role models of how to live in this world with honour, dignity, and Christlikeness.

Thank you for mothers like this. Those of us that have mothers, had mothers like this, we praise you, God, for this gracious gift.

Lord, for those that don’t know their mothers, for those who may have been abandoned, left alone, or forgotten; we recognize that this day may not be such a thankful and joyful day. With these people in mind, we ask Lord for your motherly embrace. We ask God that you would surround them, like a hen gathering up her chicks. That they would know that you love them, that you have not forgotten them when others have. Lord, you have not taken your eyes off them or tossed them aside; instead, you hold them close to your heart and whisper, I love you.

For those that may be hurting this way, Lord, I ask that you would speak to their hearts, and share that motherly love that they need and deserve.

Today, we think of those mothers, new mothers, women that have been mothers for a while, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and any variation thereof; we thank you for them, and we ask a blessing on them today.

We thank you that these women have suffered much to become mothers. We thank you that they have risked much to bring children into the world. We know that there is much more cost yet to come as children get older, but we thank you, Lord, that you have equipped, and will continue to equip these women to raise up godly men and women.

Bless them with holy strength. Bless them with a steel will, a firmness of conviction that they would stay the path, even when things get tough. Give them reassurance, give them confidence that they are able to be a mother and so much more than that. Remind them that they are more than just baby makers; they are the guardians and protectors, teachers and preachers of children. Help them to honour you as they do this.

Today, we also think of those women that are not mothers, those women that for one reason or another are not moms; we thank you for them, and we ask a blessing on them today as well.

These women are not without value. They may not be mothers, but we still cherish them. We still see them as important in the Kingdom of God. We ask Lord that you would surround them, that you would speak to their hearts. Encourage them, Father, that they would know they are not diminished and less than. That they would know, and that we would continue to show, that they are loved and welcomed here.

May you give them great strength. May you give them great passion and desire to honour you, that though they are childless, they would be spiritual mothers and grandmothers to countless women of God. May you bless them, Lord, that they would be pillars of your church, Father.

God, we ask this day, above all things, that we could continue to know and experience the great depths of your love for us, the unfathomable phantoms of your kindness and grace towards us. Whether we are mothers, or not.

In the precious name of Jesus,


Photo credit: Madonna praying, Francesco Francia, 1485-1517

Weekly Prayer: April 29, 2018

Heavenly Father,

We arrive at the end of another month; another month where you have proven yourself faithful. You have kept your word. You have provided for your children as a good father does. You have blessed us and given us more than we deserve. For that, Lord, we turn our eyes to heaven, lift our hands, and say ‘thank you’.

You are marvellous, God. Your mercy endures forever. Your goodness to us knows no end. You pour out your blessing and grace upon so that our cups run over.

We stand in awe of your goodness. We are so thankful for all you have done Lord.

Forgive me of my doubt, my fear that you are not who you say you are. My fear that you will not provide, you will not come through on your word. Forgive me, Lord.

You are faithful when I am faithless. You are still true when I believe the lie. You are a good father when I am a bad son.

By your Holy Spirit, remind me. Remind me of your goodness. Remind me of the times that you have proven yourself true and faithful in my past. Remind me that you are not a man that you should lie.

As we head into a new month, Lord, wash my heart clean, remove any wicked way in me. May I honour you and remember your goodness. May the truth and reality of your faithfulness be new in me.

In the precious and powerful name of Jesus,


Photo Credit: Saint Peter in prayer, Matthias Stom, 1630-1644

If You Are A Follower Of Jesus…

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