The Biblical Echoes That Birth Hope

Sometimes the Bible repeats itself. Look at the Gospels. Matthew, Mark, and Luke all have stories that are the same, or are remarkably similar, even though they were written by different men at different points in time.

Other times, the repeating Scripture is someone recalling or quoting Scripture. Again, in the Gospels, we see that often. “As it was written in the prophets…” or “this was done to fulfill what the Prophet Isaiah said…”

But, sometimes, if you are reading Scripture carefully, you will hear the echoes. Not a repeat, not a quotation, but an echo. It sounds similar. There may be some distortion, some variance in what is said, but the heart of what is written is the same.

It is in those echoes that I’m starting to find hope. Hope that things will change. Hope that things will be different one day. Hope that God is still active and working in my story today, as he was in the days of Scripture. Continue reading “The Biblical Echoes That Birth Hope”


This Is The Kind Of Faith That We Need To Have

The biblical book of Ruth begins like a Shakespearean or Greek tradgey. Nothing good happens; only problems and issues heaped upon a poor woman that has more problems and issues than she knows what to do with. And there seems to be no end in sight.

The story of Naomi does not start out well. In fact, it is a tradegy. Her nation experiences a famine. Her husband decides to drag her and her two sons from their home (possibly the only home they have ever known) to a a foreign nation. To add to this particular issue, Naomi is being dragged from the holy nation of Israel to that of their enemy, evil and ungodly Moab.

Things don’t get better any time for soon for Naomi, but that doesn’t destroy her faith in God. You would think that she would abandon her religion, give up on God after even this much (because so many have given up on God over less). But she doesn’t. When things get worse, she holds on and models for us all the kind of we all need to have. Continue reading “This Is The Kind Of Faith That We Need To Have”