One Reason God Might Not Be Blessing You Financially

Money doesn’t always stretch as far as I would like. Sometimes, things are too expensive.   On occasion, me or my family have to go without. Not the essentials. My family’s needs are always meet, Praise the Lord.

In moments like that, I wonder why God doesn’t just help my family a little more. A few more bucks would be nice to have. A bit more blessing would be fantastic. And I’m sure that I’m not alone in those feelings.

But maybe God is doing things on purpose. Maybe God has a reason for not blessing you more. Continue reading “One Reason God Might Not Be Blessing You Financially”


Your Money, Your Marriage by Cherie and Brian Lowe: Book Review

“The ability to communicate clearly, remain organized, focus on shared priorities, handle conflict, and lead together well, removes barriers to a deeper and more intimate connection, allowing more room and desire for sex.”

How are your finances looking?

How often do you and your spouse have sex?

Could there be two more awkward questions? For some people trying to find an answer that doesn’t bring a busload of shame and embarrassment…it would be more enjoyable to get a root canal without any freezing. Talking about money and marriage can be a very toughy thing; a truly humbling and humiliating thing.

It doesn’t have to be. Your money and your marriage shouldn’t be a topic that makes your blood pressure skyrocket or causes you to have an anxiety attack. You may not want to talk about it in public, fine, but should you live like that if your husband or wife asks?

The answer is ‘no’, and Cherie and Brian Lowe are here to help with that. Continue reading “Your Money, Your Marriage by Cherie and Brian Lowe: Book Review”

What’s Our Relationship with Money Like?

Talk about money and you will see Christians squirm and move in uncomfortable ways like nothing else.

It’s interesting that money is one of the most divisive things we can talk about in the church. Especially when Jesus said so many things about money, make a very clear statement about his thoughts on money. His thoughts, as in God’s thoughts. For the Son only said what he heard from the Father.

But sometimes we struggle to hear what God says, even from Jesus, so he speaks through others. The late Billy Graham said something simple yet powerful about money and the relationship we are supposed to have with it.

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We Need To Reconsider Our Use of Credit Cards

“Will that be cash, cheque, or card?”

Those were familiar words a generation ago. Whenever the wait or waitress or cashier had finished ringing up your order, they wanted to know how you were paying. Nowadays, it is still similar, but very different.

”How will you be paying? Debit, Visa, MasterCard?”

I say that numerous times a day to customers. Normally I don’t even mention cash as an option because almost no one uses it. When they do say they will pay with cash, I’m slightly surprised.

One occasion gave me pause when a customer replied that she didn’t like credit cards and being tied to all that debt. It was a stark contrast to so many people that I see on a daily basis. A stark contrast to our society as a whole. Then I got to thinking.

As a Christian, as someone that is supposed to be living the Jesus way, a different way of living, should I be using a credit card?

Should I be charging things to a piece of plastic and paying it off later? Continue reading “We Need To Reconsider Our Use of Credit Cards”

Our Attitude Towards Tithing Should Be…

Tithe is always one of those things that Christians argue about. It has been a topic of contention since I was a kid, although I’m sure people were arguing about it long before that. People’s arguments would go on and on, and usually covered a great number of ideas within the concept of tithing. I remember hearing, and have asked these questions myself in regards to tithing.

How much tithe are we supposed to give? Is it 10%? Should it be more? What about reverse tithing? Are we called by God to be giving away 90% of our income and living on only 10%, the opposite of what was originally commanded? Or is that all Old Testament teaching? If we are under grace and not the law, as Paul teaches, then we don’t have to do any of this tithing stuff. Right? What did Jesus actually teach about tithing? And if there is a lack of teaching, is that a statement against it? Was the story of the widow giving her two mites about tithing or giving your all to Jesus? Continue reading “Our Attitude Towards Tithing Should Be…”

The Problem with the Burning House Scenario

Your house is on fire.

You got out safely and there is time enough to go back in and save 5 things before everything is destroyed. What do you grab?

Photo: 111 Emergency
Photo: 111 Emergency

The number of objects you can grab may change. It could be 3 items, perhaps only 1.

In some cases your family and pets are safely out of the house with you, in other cases not. Either way, chances are you have played the Burning House game with someone at some point.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the question. Questions and situations like these put what really matters into sharp focus, helps us discern what is and is not important to us.

The difficulty, the problem with the burning house scenario is that it demands an answer. And with Christ as my guide, my Lord and Teacher, I find myself in a position where I don’t know how to answer.

Consider this portion of Scripture.

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