Consider The Wisdom of Self Reflection

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A great man once said,

”The unexamined life is not worth living.”

That man was the Greek philosopher, Socrates.

But another great man took that wisdom one step further and called Christians to the heart of reformation and reflection.

”The unexamined faith is not worth believing.”

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Weekly Prayer: September 2nd, 2018


You call your children into relationship. You call us to trust in you, in a person, not a list of do’s and don’t’s. You call us to put our faith in an individual, not a system or program of predictability.

You call us to believe in you.

So, this is my step of faith.

This is my step off the cliff, knowing…trusting…believing that you will be there to catch my foot. This is my leap into the unknown, knowing…trusting…believing that you will save from the darkness.

O gracious Lord, guide my steps. Direct my path.

Secure my feet that I may not go to the left or the right, that I might be right were you would have me.

Do not forsake your servant as I work towards being more and more obedient. More and more in step with you.

In your gracious name, Jesus, I pray,


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This prayer first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.

This Is The Kind Of Faith That We Need To Have

The biblical book of Ruth begins like a Shakespearean or Greek tradgey. Nothing good happens; only problems and issues heaped upon a poor woman that has more problems and issues than she knows what to do with. And there seems to be no end in sight.

The story of Naomi does not start out well. In fact, it is a tradegy. Her nation experiences a famine. Her husband decides to drag her and her two sons from their home (possibly the only home they have ever known) to a a foreign nation. To add to this particular issue, Naomi is being dragged from the holy nation of Israel to that of their enemy, evil and ungodly Moab.

Things don’t get better any time for soon for Naomi, but that doesn’t destroy her faith in God. You would think that she would abandon her religion, give up on God after even this much (because so many have given up on God over less). But she doesn’t. When things get worse, she holds on and models for us all the kind of we all need to have. Continue reading “This Is The Kind Of Faith That We Need To Have”

What To Do With Proof Of Biblical Events

Every so often I’ll see an article on Facebook, or have something pop up on my Twitter feed that says something to this effect,

“Evidence for the biblical Noah’s Ark Found?”
“New DNA Evidence Found On Shroud of Turin”
“Could This Be The Link To Adam and Eve?”

Regardless of the actual article, it’s credibility, or topic, there are always Christians jumping up and down, praising God in the comment sections that finally they have the proof they need.

Is that what we should be doing? Or should we be participating in something else? Continue reading “What To Do With Proof Of Biblical Events”

Why Christians Need To Stop Putting Out Fleeces

It’s not an uncommon practice. I’ve done it. I know people in my church and past churches that have done this as well. When praying, when seeking an answer from God, they put out a fleece.

I remember doing this when trying to figure out what career path I should take. I’ve heard of people doing it when deciding on who they should date. It has been used to clarify and make all kinds of decisions. But should we have done that?

“It’s in the Bible. Gideon did it. So, it’s an example for us to follow.”

This is what we’ve been told, and so I was led to believe.

The truth of the matter is, Christians shouldn’t be putting out fleeces. Ever.

Upon a closer look at the story of Gideon and what actually happened when he used a fleece, we will see that we have been misunderstanding the text, and trying to strong-arm God into doing things for us.

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Believing in Jesus Costs Us Something

I keep finding myself wanting to be outside of the church. Why?
Because I feel like that is where Jesus is. Or where Jesus would be if He was here.

Let me explain. Continue reading “Believing in Jesus Costs Us Something”

7 Reasons Why I’ll Let My Kids Dress Up For Halloween, And You Should Too


The month has barely started, but everyone is talking and thinking Halloween. So, let’s address the elephant that is sitting in the centre of most Christian circles.

Do we let our kids dress up and go out on Halloween, trick-or-treating with everyone else?

Depending on your Christian upbringing or traditions, you may immediately and emphatically say “NO!” I was raised that way. And I harbour no ill will against my parents or my church community for those beliefs. But I have come to a different understand that I think that all Christians, regardless of denomination or previous traditions, should embrace.

Here are the 7 reasons that I am letting my kids dress up for Halloween, and you should too. Continue reading “7 Reasons Why I’ll Let My Kids Dress Up For Halloween, And You Should Too”