Who Is A Christian?

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In South Carolina, a woman was refused a mentoring job at a group home because she was Catholic, and the group home was a Protestant ministry.

It didn’t occur to her that the rejection had anything to do with her faith, though it should have. The area that she lives in  the South, it is commonly believes that Catholics are not Christian.

Following some legislation that agreed that discrimination against Catholics was acceptable, a lawsuit was filed. Such a blatant disregard for Catholic Christians has brought some important questions to the forefront for many South Carolinians.

Are Catholics and Protestants the same? Should they be considered of the same faith?

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Rebuke Me Like Christ, If You Must

You can disagree with me. That’s fine.

You may think that my theology is skewed and needs to be corrected. Please, tell me if that is the case.

But if you feel that need, if something I have written has so bothered you, please, rebuke me like Christ.

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What Can We Do After Something Like Hurricane Harvey?


No words can adequately express the terror that is effecting Texas right now. The gross flooding that has taken place because of Hurricane Harvey staggers the imagination. Pictures of Houston and the surrounding areas seem photo-shopped as if the catastrophe is someone’s imagination gone wild after watching a disaster film.

What should we do in times like this? Many people are reminded of what happened in New Orleans not that many years ago. The devastation there seemed insurmountable, as it does now in Texas. What should Christians be doing when such calamities as Hurricane Harvey happen? Continue reading “What Can We Do After Something Like Hurricane Harvey?”

Put Your ‘Clever’ Trump Memes Away

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Photo by Gage Skidmore

Can we stop teasing President Trump’s wife?

Her husband has only been in office for 5 days and you would think that he had already been destroying America for years with the amount of hate the Internet has thrown at him. And while I am not a fan of President Trump, I am mature enough to see that this is the American leader for the next four years.

Time to start getting used to it, because he isn’t going anywhere.

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The Swift/Yeezus Drama and What We Should Do About It


Kanye West and Taylor Swift are at it again.

It’s been blowing up on Twitter and Buzzfeed. Times magazine and BBC were talking about it. The infamous feud between these two will not stop. And this is just another chapter in a high school drama. Not like a play or a piece of theater, but the cool kids in class fighting and gossiping about each other kind of drama.

If you don’t know, and you would be better for not knowing, Kanye sings in his infamous song, Famous, how he is responsible for making Taylor Swift so popular, and that he can sleep with her. There are even implications that he has slept with her and likely will again.

At a certain point, I stopped trying to work out the details and lyrics of his music, because it is too high school drama for me.

But their drama keeps escalating and getting other people involved and dragging them into the mess. People are being attacked on Twitter. Snapchat videos are being used to discredit statements made in the past. It’s just a giant drama of two musicians fighting for supremacy.

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The Newsmakers by Lis Wiehl: Book Review


Erica Sparks has been handpicked to join the fastest growing news network in the world. It’s a big deal for a small town girl, with a disgraceful past. Her dreams of bringing truth and justice to the world are finally being realized. It’s almost a dream come true.

That dream comes true when a terrible ferry accident occurs and Eria just happened to be there to report on it. The event launches her in stardom. Suddenly she is being offered raises and her own talk show. Her dream is now a reality.

But when she is present for a nationwide catastrophe, the red flags starting going up. What are the odds that she would be there for both these events? Was it coincident, or was someone making the news happen? Continue reading “The Newsmakers by Lis Wiehl: Book Review”

Is God a Gardener?

Pulling weeds is annoying.

Looking back on all of my summers, there were days that were just annoying. Weeds upon weeds being grabbed and then pulled and thrown out, then grabbed, pulled, and thrown out again. As a kid, the monotonous activity was my dread. So was mowing the lawn, but rather than the pattern of grabbing, pulling and throwing out involved with weeds, I was reduced to grabbing and throwing out. Back and forth, back and forth.

It was so boring. And for me, this was the time before iPods, before Discmen or Walkmen, before they were so readily available to everyone. So the only sounds I heard for hours were the running of the old lawnmower engine and my dad telling me that I missed a spot. If there was a way out of mowing the grass or pulling weeds, I would try to find it, even when it meant I had to do something worse. Like laundry or dishes. As monotonous as it was, mowing lawns and pulling weeds was my first real job.

I find it curious how tending to the grass and weeds was Adam’s first job. Being a gardener was the first man’s original occupation.

It was years later, long after I was out of Sunday School, that I realized that Adam was a gardener before anything else. Before he named the animals, before his was a husband to his wife Eve, Adam was a gardener. For whatever reason, it never really resonated with me.

I got to wondering about this first man and his original occupation. Could being a gardener be a part of the Nature of God that was instilled in Adam at his creation? Could it be one of those things that is hardwired into us, a characteristic that we share with God that is deeply ingrained into the fabric of our being?

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