Weekly Prayer: May 26th, 2019



Sometimes I don’t have words to pray. Sometimes I am so absolutely floored at God, at what he has done for me and my family,…I just can’t say anything.

I’m overwhelmed by awe and gratitude. I am at such a loss for words and actions, I just sit in silence. Continue reading “Weekly Prayer: May 26th, 2019”

Weekly Prayer: May 19th, 2019

Westend61/Getty Images

In the depths of despair,

In the shadows of death,

In the mire of depression,

In the bleekness of darkness,

You are there.

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Weekly Prayer: May 12th, 2019

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Holy Father, who is just like a Mother…

Full of unconditional love and grace,

Who longs to lavish good gifts on us,

Who is there to cuddle us and kiss our booboos,

Who is always ready to talk and listen,


Thank you for mothers. Continue reading “Weekly Prayer: May 12th, 2019”

Weekly Prayer: May 5th, 2019

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I feel swamped. I am busy. I have a long list of things that need to get done for today, and that doens’t include the list that I didn’t get to finishing yesterday.

There is never enough time in the day for everything and you. There is never enough time for everything by itself. Sometimes the idea of spending time with you, at any point in the day, is too much to deal with.

What a great comfort to know you are always there.

When I’m exhausted and don’t feel like I have time, you do not abandon me. You do not reject me if I am less than loving to you. When I make you a task and not the most important relationship in my life, you do not spurn me. You are still there, waiting for me.

Thank you for not leaving me. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for understanding that I am only human, prone to bad choices. Thank you for forgiving me when I neglect and reject you, whether on purpose or accidentally. Thank you for being ever-present, so when I do need you, when I do remember you, you are right there.

While it may not always be first on my mind, thank you Lord for your presence. Spirit, remind me again that you are there. Remind me of the goodness that I find in you. Remind me of your grace.

Remind me in the middle of all the madness, business, and everything that you are right there. Remind me of how eager to love me, eager to be in relationship with me you truly are. Remind me what matter more than my to-do list.

Thank you.


This prayer first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.

Weekly Prayer: April 28th, 2019

Jesus walks on water, Ivan Aivazovsky, 1888

Lord God,

My life is tossed to and fro upon the waves,

Thrown this way and that, from catastrophe to calamity.

The problems, the threats, the life-crushing issues.

I fear that I will be destroyed upon the rocks if I don’t drown first.

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Weekly Prayer: April 21st, 2019

Resurrection of Christ, Carl Bloch, 1875


He is not here!


He is risen!


The grave could not hold him,


Death has lost its’ victory. Continue reading “Weekly Prayer: April 21st, 2019”

Weekly Prayer: April 14th, 2019

The Entry into Jerusalem, Giotto, 1305


Who is this man?

He rides on a colt, a donkey,

Not the warhorse of the victor?

This must be a different kind of man.

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