You Are Not Alone

Every parent prays with and for their kids as they go to sleep. We pray for a good sleep, no bad dreams, and things like that. But for my  oldest daughter, Annah, my wife and I pray something very specific. Something we don’t pray for our son.

We pray and reminder Annah that she is not alone.

We aren’t totally sure why she feels lonely when she goes to sleep. She can hear her brother, William, talking and kicking the door and walls when he is supposed to be sleeping too. She can hear the dog bark, or the tv on when my wife and I unwind. Yet, some nights, she will cry and call out our names as if we were a million miles away. All she wants is to know we are there.

We pray and reminder Annah, ‘you are not alone.’

It’s a simple thing, something that you won’t ever have to tell an adult. And yet, as Rusty George points out that we very much need this reminder. Maybe more than my daughter does. Continue reading “You Are Not Alone”


The Gospel According To Judges

Welcome back to our ongoing series about the gospel of each book of the Bible. Our premise is a simple one—what if there was only one book from the Holy Bible, as our sole source of divine Scriptures? What would this one book teach us? What Gospel would we find there?

In this way, we not only find out that all the books in the Bible are useful for edifying and equipping, but we also see the consistent story that is found throughout all Scripture. We see that the Bible is a coherent story of God’s love for us, throughout the different eras, different authors, and different genres of writings.

The book of Judges is a truly unique book. There is no main character. Previous books have focused on Moses or Joshua, but not this time. This is almost an anthology, a grabbing together of historical stories after Moses and Joshua, and before the days of kings in Israel.

Such a book gives us a unique look at Israel’s history. And as we do in this series, looking at this book as if it was alone paints a very interesting, but familiar, picture. It is a picture worth looking at and learning from.

The Gospel According to Judges points out three things that we need to remember. Three things that we see here and ultimately in Jesus. Continue reading “The Gospel According To Judges”

My Apology to Eastern Canada

“If you replace whoever it is that you hate with the word “Jew”, do you suddenly sound like a Nazi? Then you are racist.”

I’d heard that said numerous times. I’ve seen it on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, I may have like or retweet the same sentiment. But I hadn’t thought about the people that I hated.

When I sat down and thought about, I realized that I was racist. I did hate a particular people group, but not of an ethnicity or gender, but of a geographical location.

As the realization hit me that I was just as bad, I was just as wrong to hate as white supremacists, the KKK, or Neo-Nazis, I knew that I needed to start making things right.

So, I am apologizing to you Eastern Canada. I am sorry. Continue reading “My Apology to Eastern Canada”

What Men Being The “HEAD” Actually Means

I’m glad someone finally explained it so well.

Not that I believed other wise, but it was nice to see someone put it down in writing. And then to see the powers that be affirm that they missed the mark and were working on doing a better job.

I’m talking about the PAOC Statement of Affirmation Regarding Gender Equality In Leadership, in case you were wondering. Whether you know the denomination or not, this is worth looking at.

I’m not a pastor under the PAOC anymore, but I still keep up with what they are doing. I was, after all, raised in the denomination, educated by them, and still friends and aquantiances with many people in the PAOC. So, when the General Superintendent of the PAOC, Dave Wells, shared new documentation about gender equality and women in minstiry, I knew I had to read it.

I love how they nailed down something I have always believe, in a way that makes sense beyond “because God made us all equal”. I believe what the PAOC wrote in this document is something that more “Christians” need to understand about women in leadership, gender equality, and even what the apostle Paul wrote. Continue reading “What Men Being The “HEAD” Actually Means”

A Poem For Mother’s Day


For all the things I didn’t say,

About how I felt along the way —

For the love you gave and the work you’ve done,

Here’s appreciation from your admiring son.

Continue reading “A Poem For Mother’s Day”

This Is The Kind Of Faith That We Need To Have

The biblical book of Ruth begins like a Shakespearean or Greek tradgey. Nothing good happens; only problems and issues heaped upon a poor woman that has more problems and issues than she knows what to do with. And there seems to be no end in sight.

The story of Naomi does not start out well. In fact, it is a tradegy. Her nation experiences a famine. Her husband decides to drag her and her two sons from their home (possibly the only home they have ever known) to a a foreign nation. To add to this particular issue, Naomi is being dragged from the holy nation of Israel to that of their enemy, evil and ungodly Moab.

Things don’t get better any time for soon for Naomi, but that doesn’t destroy her faith in God. You would think that she would abandon her religion, give up on God after even this much (because so many have given up on God over less). But she doesn’t. When things get worse, she holds on and models for us all the kind of we all need to have. Continue reading “This Is The Kind Of Faith That We Need To Have”

True Love Looks Like This

Yes, she is a bride. And yes, she is missing an arm. And this is a perfect picture of true love.

This is Zanele Ndlovu. Her and her fiancee, Jamie Fox (not that Jamie Foxx), were enjoying a tranquil experience of canoeing on the Zambezi. The Zambezi is one of Africa’s longest rivers, described by a travel guide as “the perfect [place] for those who not only want to see the abundant bird and animal life but also want to experience the peace, tranquillity and beauty of the Zambezi River.”

Zanele saw it alright. The abundant animal life took the form of a crocodile that attacked both Zanele and Jamie. The crocodile took her right arm and caused injuries to her left. That was on April 30.

On May 5th, Zanele put on her wedding dress and walked down the aisle to be wed. Her arms were bandaged and healing still, but she was happy.

I have to say, I am thrilled for Zanele and Jamie. I’m glad that they got to keep their original wedding day, that they were able to suit up for their special day (even though it was in a Zimbabwean hospital).

But what really warms my heart, and drove me to write this, is the wonderful picture of love that this couple has shown. Continue reading “True Love Looks Like This”