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I look to the mountain…

Is it the struggle or the symbol of my salvation?

I see the shadow it casts…

Is it darkness overwhelming me or the reassurance of protection?

I feel the earth quake…

Is that me shaking or the might of the power of God?

Lord, there are times I don’t know if I am walking towards disaster or towards you. Sometimes the darkness, the shaking ground beneath me, the mountain…I don’t know what is before me.

In the confusion, I follow you.

I may not always understand what is happening to me, in front of me, but I trust you. I trust you because I know who you are. You have proven yourself to be true, to be consistent.

Help me to remember that.


This prayer first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.

One thought on “Weekly Prayer: November 17th, 2019

  1. Standing in Faith belief, to see, not concerned anymore in having to see. God is Real, the earth and all its amazing nature, is proof, even our own bodies, in its healing ability placed with in us each.
    It is there, that is for sure, not a scare as has been in my past, that was only there to try to keep me from continuing in Faith beleif, God is alive to take care of me, as this world turns here in the valley of the shadow of death, I see Psalms 23 written to us all to turn to God in trust through it all, even in troubles here on earth.

    Not easy, as fear floods the minds of us all to stop us in thought of trust To Father of in risen Son for us that we no longer see in flesh and blood as was seen by those in Jesus earth walk here on earth in flesh and blood, to reconcile us all to his Father whom he is the ambassador for.

    The way, the truth and new life offered to us all, to be given us each at no charge, even though this earth here presents it as it is a work to be in and new.
    It is all God, none of me or you, the sooner anyone sees this truth given them to abide in risen Son by Father’s will to us, begins the new Life given them as perfect, and not of self ever, as this world gets each as can be to get them to do to be saved, stay saved or else attitudes of the flesh nature, that can never please God himself.

    Only Son himself did this for us all, to be able presently be given new life once believe to God Father himself to transform you into his love and mercy given to have by Son alone.
    The only mediator between God and Man is Jesus Christ the Righteous one, Some how I am seeing Father being left out,

    What ? Jesus is Father and Father is Jesus right, then our guide given us in beleif to see.
    Who did Jesus come to earth in flesh and blood to introduce? Was it himself or Father, the first time God was ever named as Father was is from Son that was born here on earth from the Virgin Mary in the tribe of Judah, lineage back to David and back and back to the first Adam that failed in beleif. As Christ stayed the coarse all the way to willing death for to give us each new life in his risen life, not by his doing, by Father’s accepting Son’s one time death to raise him from the grave to instill new life into each of us that turn to belief and will not quit, even though many a times from troubles feel to quit, yet do not,

    Like the story of Job, not denying God even through all his troubles we read of in that book. Even rebuked his wife, whom rebuked God in Job
    Job did not, and now even deeper, with Son the King who took on the sin of the whole world for us to be reconciled to Father through him

    So is this done or not John 19:30, states it is. It Is Finished, what is finished?

    Is the law finished? Not ! Rather fulfilled as said in Matthew 5:17, why is the Law not finished? The Law is for the Law Breaker, it is a Jaw Breaker, the Law, ever tried to fulfill the Law? How you doing? Me too not well, I can get a lot down under my belt and have control, but there are those things that I can’t overcome.

    It is like putting Ten Apples in a bath tub, full of water, and my Job is to put all Ten Apples under the water of that tub at the same time and hold them there, and then I will be perfect for Gods to use me.

    Wow! what a stress that caused my mess, Not being able and yet still trying to be perfect to be used by God to tell others of him too. I seem to have no time to tell others but by force and manipulation(s) to get them into the Kingdom, here on earth “Church”

    I trust Father in risen Son for us each to see the deception of satan over the freedom offered us each in risen Son that we try to have and yet can’t get it under Law, where the curse is at, that no flesh and blood can please God. Only Son’s did that for us all, (the Second Adam) that did not fail. Born not of man, born of woman, that had no man to get here pregnant, which was Mary from the tribe of Judah.

    The only perfect flesh and blood to walk this earth is was Jesus, who is Won (One) for us in Father.

    Read each Epistle and see the separation as each send prayers for us to see the two, even though are one

    And then see the end of Revelations where Jesus hands back the keys to Father to lead
    Christ is the one and only mediator between man and God
    Jesus was, is the Ambassador for us to turn to Father in beleif of his love and mercy offered us by Son for us

    As I know Brother you know all this too, yet I grow not tired of telling me this and everyone I can as Paul states in Phil 3 to us to see

    As this world turns, God still has the reins, even though this world is out of control.
    Love from Father, Son and me to you and all in belief too


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