I haven’t talked about this yet, but I am going to. My excitement about a particular comic book cover was too much, I just had to talk about this first before I got to the many other things I want to talk about.

It is a cover for an upcoming issue of the controversial Second Coming comic book, and I love the facial expression Jesus is making in it. When I first saw it, I spend minutes just looking over the art. (I love comics, what can I say?)

As I looked at it more and more, I found myself wondering,

What face does Jesus make when you and I pray?

Amanda Conner, Ahoy Comics!

Just look at it. What does Jesus’ face say to you?

While we don’t know who the people in prison with Jesus are (or what will happen in this comic book series that would land Jesus in jail) it does depict individuals praying. They are asking for things.

Any Christian will tell you that prayer is a lot more (or should be) than just asking for things, but it does include that. So as I looked over the cover art, I wondered if this what the idea behind Jesus’ face.

Is Jesus tired of people just asking for things?

One person wants a dead pet (can rats really be pets?) brought back to life. Another person wants a finger healed or grown back. Someone else wants the water turned into wine, and a fourth wants the stones the jail is trying to pass off as “food” turned into a fantastical feast.

But is that really all Jesus is? Is Jesus our go-to guy for all our demands? Do we default to him when we need things as if he is our genie in the sky?

Hey, Jesus, I need a thing. Amen.

Dear Jesus, can you please miraculously change Problem X for me? Thanks.

Dear Lord, make my spouse…make my work…make my bank account….make my life…make my relationship…make, make, make, mine, mine, mine…

Is Jesus a fixer?

Scripture wouldn’t call Jesus or God a fixer, per se. But the Bible does talk about God wanting to give us good things.

“Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!”

Matthew 7:9-11

The problem comes when we limit God or Jesus to ONLY that. Jesus is ONLY the fixer of my life problems. God is ONLY the Cosmic Vending Machine that gives me what I want.

Yes, we can ask God for things, but there is much more to prayer than just that.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

Philippians 4:6

Back to what Jesus’ face may be saying and how it is impacting my prayer life. While I thought about the things that the criminals were asking for, another question came to mind.

Is this all they think of Jesus?

While it touches on what I just talked about, is Jesus just a fixer, it also goes a step further.

Is the relationship you have with Jesus contractual?

When I look at the prisoners in that comic book cover art, I can’t help but imagine that they would attempt to bargain with Jesus.

Jesus, if you heal my pet rat, I won’t stab another guy in a rival gang again.

Jesus, if you can turn this water into wine, I promise I’ll never use your Daddy’s name in vain again.

Their prayers would be a business deal. Some give and take, though they would be more interested in the taking than giving. They are happy to have a contractual, business-like relationship with Jesus, but is that what Jesus wants?

“Which of you fathers, if your son asks for a fish, will give him a snake instead? Or if he asks for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”

Luke 11:11-13

While God, as a Good Father, does want to give you the things you ask for, He wants to give you something so much better still: Himself.

He wants to live life with you, to have His Spirit moving and dwelling in you. He wants to have regular communion with you, to help you, shape you, encourage and uplift.

God wants to be so much more than a giver of gifts in your life. The problem is we so often forget, I often forget that God wants to be in relationship with us.


That brings me back to the question,

What face does Jesus make when you pray, when I pray?

Is Jesus tired of you asking for things?

Is our relationship with Jesus contractual, lacking the language of relationship?

We often talk about how much we are praying, whether we are using the “right” words or proper phrasing to get a particular result. We talk about when we should pray, the posture we need to take to achieve a real connection to God.

Maybe it is time we thought about the content of our prayers and how Jesus may be reacting to them. The face he may be making may not be a good one.

All Scripture references provided by Biblegateway.com. Check them out if you are looking for a verse, some commentaries to help you understand a passage or a devotional to keep you in the Written Word every day. Or check out their app, available at the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Fire.

This article first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.

2 thoughts on “What Face Does Jesus Make When You Pray?

  1. Thank you for this reality of how material things are or get in our way. As Father by Son has promised us to take care of us.
    Which is belief and not doubting, rejoicing even in adversities that come upon us. Which is not easy at all to rejoice when hurt. Not easy to see what Prayer is either. How is Jesus, Father responding?
    So many controversies over what is done once for all, not a few. For all that is left is to believe and stand in in, even through troubles we all go through some more than others, yet al go through them.\\

    So, we each pray for????????
    Does not God know what our needs are before we ever ask him. Do we, not see when we ask for whatever one asks for, It might be out of alignment for whatever is best needed for that particular person(s)?
    Is pray a position, hands folded, head bowed, on your knees, to be heard from God. To ensure his answers to go our way, we might think we need, that might not be well for us in the long haul.
    Faith is
    F- orever
    A- ble
    I – n
    T- he
    H- eavens

    Now from the view given me, I see the best gift ever over everything else good or bad here on earth is::::::

    Life everlasting given, not earned, a Gift to us each and all. Just make the choice and stick to it. Receive the Blank Check, not ever knowing how to get through it. Just standing on Father’s promise of Son that is risen to us, to walk new in, his resurrected life here on earth here and now presently forever in this truth..

    Doubt and kick thyself out, God does not kick anyone out. We do it by doubt!!!!!!!!! Society teaches Doubt. Society teaches take and give to get.

    God Father and Son as Won (One) Teach us to live in the present given us in the present second of time and not go out in the future or back in the past, anymore. To be taught new, as in Romans 12:2 to have our mindsets renewed, to see from Father and Son’s view as Won for us to be new and just walk by Beleif, (Faith) to is it finished, and upon beleif he is risen after his death took away all sin once for all, proven in his being risen from the dead by Father. We can now rejoice as Paul and Silas did in Acts 16,17. Even though bad things happened to them.

    Look, ask in trust, in beleif, in Faith, all needs will be supplied, as it takes one to respond, not sit on their blank check and take this gift for granted.

    See James when he states, You Ask and do not receive, why? Ever thought you, I might have the wrong motives in what we ask?

    I think he said we do not receive, because we only wish to get what we ask for to spend it on our own pleasures. Now I were God of all, The Father of Son, that is sanctified as God for us by his being risen back to life for us to have new life given us too.

    And having a physical Son, that asked me for my Credit card to go out and spend as he pleases, for he thinks he knows best right?

    So would my Son get this? Not if you are wise. Noe Father and Son are Wise. And know what is best to allow for each one of his kids to be given whatever they ask for, having each kid’s best interest in mind

    So now can one rejoice when do not get or even get physical amputation(s) on their own bodies. Not easy, not at all, as thought(s) flood in from all over. Being there to steal, kill and destroy. So sit still and listen, listen to hear Father in the power of himself in the Holy Spirit that came upon mankind at Pentecost, Has been going on ever since. And I am not talking one has to speak in unknown tongues to be saved either. That is a man made trap from selfish men, that claim beleif yet do not in my honest opinion, not yet anyway, for God has not given up on anyone, his mercies abound new every morning, thanks to Son’s one time done work here on earth in the only flesh and blood to ever be perfect. Which not any other flesh can do. Seeing how Jesus was not born of Man. Born of Woman yes, Not Man. So as ever since Father is known as Father

    Thanks as I vent here on your blog in response to see what is the best gift above all gifts?

    Everlasting Life, now in the present and forever in his done work for us, once given this to stand in


  2. Oh and Gospel”””””


    This is a gift and remains a gift any works after this gift given are thanksgiving and praise to God for this pouring this onto others, no matter what. For it is this kindness that changes each person, not works of self or this world where one gets pats on the back for doing or not doing. When in Truth Father and Son are the Judge of the motive, behind whatever anyone does or not.

    There is a difference in work motive(s) God knows each one’s and so, work out they own salvation o with fear and trembling, come to the need of self and this world to turn to Father and see new. There is a hard work of self to go through first to see truth over error(e) of this world we are in and not of anymore water first day one actually turned to God in beleif will see if not yet see. Will even see more and more, yet in Humility as pride has to leave along with guilt, since he took away all sin at eh death of Son for us to get new life in his risen life to be led in and through us as said in Gal. 2:20-21


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