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Every week, I share the articles and posts I enjoyed, the ones that made me think, the few that reminded me of the truths of Scripture. I hope you enjoy the posts that I read over the last seven days and are encouraged by them too.

Visioning as a Couple: Living Out Your Purpose as a Family

There is something to be said for knowing what you are living towards. We talk about it when it comes to business, our personal lives, but why not with our family? We have the chance to shape our relationships, with our spouse and children. We need to take that seriously.


Confession ≠ Repentance

To confess your sin is not the same as repenting of your sin. We need to be reminded of the difference.


I’m Hungry, You Should Be Too!

Maybe one of the most underrated things Christian men need to be taught about sex. Ever.


The Gross Stuff I Deal with as a Female Marriage and Sex Blogger

I never realized what some people have to deal with as bloggers. This made me sick, as well as extremely disappointed in Christian men.


This ‘Evolution of Worship Music (560-2017 A.D.)’ Video Crams 1,500 Years of Church Staples into 8 Minutes

Let me know how many songs you recognized. I think there were two that I didn’t know.



It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Aristotle 

This article first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.

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