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We stand before you, Lord…

Not as a people that are worthy of you, of your great love, or of your infinite mercy.

We stand before you as broken, sinful, wretched people; stained by the tar of sin, scattered by our selfish desires, unholy by our rout rejection of you.

And we say, Thank you.

While we are these things, you look down on us and smile. You look down on us, as we are, and still love us. You still forgive us. You still continually show us the mercy of your heart, day after day. Night after night.

The daily waves of love and mercy do not stop. They are not dwarfed by what we have done or doing. They are not made any less by our sin but appear all the more majestic and magnificent.

God, as we move through this day, as we go about our week, remind of us this.

That your love and mercy know no bounds, no barrier or blockade. That nothing will stop you from being good to us, even when we are anything but.

May we not abuse or take advantage of your goodness, Lord, but may we see these gifts for what they are and be drawn back to you each time.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you.

We pray in Jesus’ name,



This prayer first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Prayer: July 14th, 2019

  1. Yes a million times over and then forever in Father’s Holy ways, thanks to Son Christ for us each one to be in with them as won, not of self of his doing, not ours, as seen in Col. 1
    Woe is me as in Isaiah 6, the tongs of fire Holy Fire upon our lips. To learn to stand and not doubt, stani=ding in trust even through whatever adversities come upon us.

    To stand in belief as Job in the book of Job, then even deeper to death whenever that is, To be willing to go through troubles or not, to not give up belief to Father and Son as One (Won) for us to be new in them through Son who reconciled us, to be given new life in Spirit and Truth, not of flesh and blood, for God is a Spirit and can only be worshipped in Spirit and Truth,
    John 4:23-24, seriously flesh died at Adam’s doubt, who ate from that one tree that brought flesh death to all.
    Christ instead the Son one with Father, brought new life to us in Spirit and Truth for us to stand in belief to this truth no matter what. So the question is. Will you, I and any other reading this here today, be willing to die, whenever that day comes upon you, you, you and me?
    Father knows the truth, no one else needs to, as I can mouth the words, yet the truth Father knows of each of us, so turn to him and be made new in Spirit and Truth Acts 20:21, God id for us all to be new in belief to his love and mercy given to all by Son’s sacrifice for us to be now given new life in his resurrection for us to walk in spite of troubles in belief to see we will get through it all, read last Chapter of Job, who did not deny God. As God said he would not. You do realize, God says this of you, you, you, me and all his children to be in belief as well, So therefore stand Col. 1:21-23 and see the new life as in Romans 5:10 we are reconciled 2 Cor 5:16-20. And we put no trust in flesh, not even self. Phil 3


  2. I stand in this Rom 2:4 and thank you as you take each of my mistakes and begin the training to me, how to say NO to unrighteousness

    As I see over the years I t is you not me doing these. It is you through me in Risen Son for me and all that have turned to you in belief to see this, not giving up, even if and whenever in adversities.

    How long will we continue in sin to see you taking it away? Continue my children to stand in belief to see and not be naughty when do what is right anymore.
    Heb. 4:9-13
    How is it God that you just continue to love us all? Because of Son for you, Col. 1:21-23

    Now turn to me in belief to see, and just stand, and see I will as said take care of thee. Do not deny me, as even Job did not, nor Son did not, nor Stephan in Acts either. Therefore get of any fence you might be on, and make the choice to believe or not.

    Belief is one thing, putting this belief in God is totally another. It is like we as people walk into a room and sit down in a chair without checking it out, whether or not it will hold us up do we not do this?

    So that is exercising Faith belief is that not?
    So might be time to sit down in God, and just trust. giving up all those hard works that are making you miserable in not being able to do, Or might be doing at least think you are, and are in pride over it as in Luke 18:9-14 14 is the saving part of being lost in works to get or be new.

    Sorry not one but Son himself in Father could do it. He did ti once for all to turn to Father in belief. To get this new life to be able to do it too. Not you, Father God and Son through you

    Believe, truthfully, see after much hard work, and be set free to do in the same love and mercy given thee by Son on the cross for you and all the world 1 John 2:1-2


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