Sometimes I don’t have words to pray. Sometimes I am so absolutely floored at God, at what he has done for me and my family,…I just can’t say anything.

I’m overwhelmed by awe and gratitude. I am at such a loss for words and actions, I just sit in silence.

My spirit cries out in ways I don’t understand. There is high praise to a faithful Father, a God would parts the heavens to come down to me in my hour of need. There is thanksgiving, worship and laude offered for so many things that I do not deserve, so many things that were beyond me that I now am responsible for.

My body sighs such deep, soulful sighs. The weight of burdens, of problems and doubts, of uncertainty and anxiety, fall off. They are dashed up the Rock, and I realize where my footing really is.

My lips quiver as I breath in that gracious, Life giving air. There is nothing special, nothing magical about that breath, but I know that the Spirit of Christ is near. I can sense it in the light breeze. I feel it in uplifting armours of his presence.

My eyes start to water. The tears want to form, and would pour down my face if I wasn’t at work, or trying to be somewhat composed.

Sometimes, like now, I don’t have words to pray. I don’t know where to begin. So I let my spirit dwell on this truths.


God loves me.

God continues to provide for me.

God has never let me down.

God is right here.

Because God loves me.


I know this isn’t a normal Weekly Prayer, but I’m just stuck in awe. God is good. God is active. God is working. And I can do nothing be sit in awe of such a good, gracious, and wonderful God.


This prayer first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.


One thought on “Weekly Prayer: May 26th, 2019

  1. That Father gives free, it can’t be earned, can’t be drummed up. It is given So ask receive and see, standing in belief no matter what troubles might try to stop there, me and anyone else


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