Marcus Ryker was a Marine right out of high school, serving overseas in the Middle East. After his tours were over, he married and settled down. But when the itch for action became to much, he scratched, and join the Secret Service. His life was in chaos before joining the Marines, and now things were almost as he had always dreamed. What could possibly go wrong? More than he knew or could have dreamed.

Oleg Kraskin was an aspiring lawyer with his heart set on marrying the daughter of a high-ranking Russian official. But his marriage came with much more than a bride. Suddenly Kraskin found himself working not in a law office, but in the heart of the Russian secret intelligence building, the Kremlin. While he had the girl of his dreams, things have become much more intense and worrisome than he ever imagined. Can he stand idly by as things heat up? Time will tell.

Though miles separate these two men, circumstances beyond their control have them on a collision course. They will meet, and the fate of the world will fall into their hands.

From The New York Times best seller, Joel C. Rosenberg, comes a new novel, about loyalty to one’s country, one’s family, and one’s duty. The Kremlin Conspiracy tells the gripping tale of two men, on opposite sides, facing similiar pressures only to have to risk everything to save everyone.

What will bring Ryker and Kraskin together from across the world?And will they find the strength to put aside themselves to save the world?

This isn’t the Cold War, but you can feel the same fearfulness in the air as you read The Kremlin Conspiracy. Tensions are high. The costs for failure is even higher. For our heroes, there is so much at stake; personally and nationally.

There aren’t a lot of books that can pull off having two main characters. Then to have two main characters that are similiar, and yet so very different, grip your heart and pull you into their lives; that is something special. The Kremlin Conspiracy does that so effortlessly, one would be perfectly content to never have the two interact at all. The protagonists and their individual arc are that strong.

While the premise is hardly new, it’s the reverence that attracts the reader. This world mirrors ours so much that you mentally paint the characters with the brushes of own. Whether this is Rosenberg’s commentary on current political figures, we will not ask, but it does raise the level of intrigue a little bit more, and level of feasibility to this tale.

Yes, this is a political thriller, but Rosenberg doesn’t bog down the story with a lot of technical language. Instead, he keeps it about the characters, the two protagonists, their lives and their faith.

Faith is mentioned periodically. Enough that you know this isn’t a world devoid of moral compasses, or religion in general. They do have bearing on what characters do. But curiously, not enough to make this a “Christian” political thriller. Bible stories are shared between characters. God is mentioned in regards to bad things happening and what the future may hold, but little else. It is hard to imagine how a political thriller would get by without some action, some gun fights and people dying. But it is also hard to imagine that so little would warrant a Christian publisher.

This does not distract from the story in the least. The pacing is strong. Even when characters reflect on their lives, nothing is dragged out longer than it should. The Kremlin Conspiracy clips along at a brisk pace, adding that sense of urgency you want when the world’s safety is in peril.

Joel C. Rosenberg has crafted an excellent political thriller, not just with spy action and adventure, but with escalating events that mirror real world issues. The reader is quickly drawn in with relatable characters, understandable political problems, and intense issues on a personal and nation levels.

The Kremlin Conspiracy is a fantastic read. You either put it down because it’s done or your overwhelmed by what’s happening. It’s that good. I give Rosenberg’s latest novel a 5 out of 5 star-rating.

I received this complimentary copy of The Kremlin Conspiracy from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an unbiased review.

This review first appeared on Christian Thought Sandbox.


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