The Great Good Thing

How does one go from being raised in a Jewish home to being baptized in a Christian church? It may puzzle you, but for one Andrew Klavan, it is the story of his life.

Known for his work in mystery fiction, Klavan takes pen to paper and writes out the extraordinary journey that took him from a small suburb in New York state to the prolific writer in California. With tales of his childhood, up through school and university, Klavan shares with fans how he became the man he is today. Sharing the embarrassing and painful truths of his life, Andrew Klavan tells us all how he went from being a broken man to one who had found The Great Good Thing.

To be honest, I didn’t have a clue who Andrew Klavan was before I picked up this book. I didn’t know that he wrote the books that inspired the movies True Crimes, Don’t Say A Word, and Empire Of Lies. I didn’t know he was an award-winning writer. So you can imagine my surprise when I realized that The Great Good Thing was an autobiography.

That isn’t a bad thing. Klavan proved to be a very interesting person, outside of his obvious achievements. His life and the events that took him from a Jewish upbringing, to agnostic, to faith in Jesus Christ is very compelling.

But I have to say that what I found most interesting was how he became the writer and storyteller that most people know him to be. Wanting to be an author myself, I found I was drawn into the psychological toil that writing took on Klavan. It was interesting to hear the downside to writing rather than all the great things about it that we hear so often on this side of publication. It brought up questions of calling and willingness in myself. Klavan’s story brought a time of reflection and contemplation for me, something most autobiographies do not do.

It was also interesting to hear a journey of faith that wasn’t a “stop and start” story. Klavan’s faith slowly build rather than just began one day. He hints and shows where the seeds were dropped that lead his saving faith in Jesus. As someone who has had heard many “stop and start” faith stories, this was refreshing.

If you have been a fan of Andrew Klavan’s work, whether in book form or on the stage, you will enjoy learning more about him and his life in this autobiography.

Regardless of my lack of foreknowledge about the author or the subject matter of this book, it was still a pleasant read. I would give The Great Good Thing by Andrew Klavan 4 out of 5 stars.

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