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I don’t talk about politics very much on this blog. Not that politics and spirituality don’t have anything in common, but I try to be respectful of everyone’s own opinions on how nations should be run. (Also, this audience is not confined to Canada or the US, so I don’t want alienate anyone.)

But recently I found that I needed to say something about politics. Not about any particular one person, nor about a party or policy. I want to talk about personal growth.

There are people that jump into politics from a young age. They are eager to help the world, and through the system of bureaucracy and red tape, they believe that they can make things better for their fellow countrymen. They may become career politicians,  holding seats and offices to move a nation towards more effective and harmonious living.

That is a good and admirable thing.

There are also people that jump into politics later in life. They may have had their hands in other dealings; business, law, or something completely outside the realm of politics. This is all well and good too. Having an outside opinion, a different perspective in a governing office is a welcomed addition. Knowledge and experience that is more hands-on rather than assumed or polled is helpful in making decisions that have more traction and larger support from those outside of politics.

This is a good and admirable things as well.

But whatever background a politician may have becomes completely irrelevant if they are not growing. If a man or woman is the same today as they were 5, 10, even 20 years ago, there is a problem. This is not a discussion about looks or appearance, clothing or style. This is about knowledge and wisdom.

If a leader, or potential leader, is not growing and developing, even changing, what they think and what they believe throughout the course of their lives, I would submit that they are stuck…even intellectually dead.

This is the reality. Information changes. What we know now about climate change and the way we have continued to a warmer planet is very different than what we knew 20 years ago. If a leader or politician is still clinging to what they knew then, 20 years ago, and has not engaged with new information…there is a real lack of wisdom and knowledge there.

The world changes. Issues come up and go away. How we perceive things will differ as we get older. Conversations with new people will show us perspectives that we may never have considered.

A wise and knowledgeable leader, or politician, would engage with those changes. If there is new information about climate change, they would be wise to alter their opinion. Maybe even change it completely. If there is a discovery of finances or resources, a wise and knowledge about leader would change their course of action; take the new information into account, and move in a new trajectory from there.

This is not wishy-washy thinking. This is not  compromising on beliefs. This is not an example of “not being a firm believer” in something either.

This is wisdom.

The world is not so simple that we can label everything as black and white, right and wrong, good and evil. The world is not so clear cut that we can say Yes to this thing all the time, and No to another all the time. It is into this world that leaders and politicians jump. Without knowledge and wisdom, they jump into a role that could doom a nation. With knowledge and wisdom, they jump into a role that could bring prosperity and harmony for all.

This is not an endorsement for any politician. This is not an endorsement for a party or policy.

This is a call to pray for wisdom. This is a call to pray for knowledge.
Not just for a President or Prime Minister or whatever leader of your nation may be called.

This is a call to pray for wisdom and knowledge of all your countries’ politicians and leaders.

It is not just the man or woman at the top that has tough decisions to make. it isn’t just the leader that is presented with new information about the different issues facing our world.

It is all leaders. It is all politicians.

So, whatever happens in the United States, whoever is voted in, we need to be praying for wisdom and knowledge for their leader. In Canada, we need to be praying for wisdom and knowledge for our Prime Minister, because there are hard decisions to be made in the near future.

Lord God,

In these times of trouble and difficulty, we call on You.
We ask that you would pour out Your wisdom on our leaders and our politicians.
We ask that as they move forward, as they make hard decisions, that Your Spirit would be there speaking and guiding them. Grant them knowledge and understanding, so that they may lead and guide your people in justice and peace.

In Jesus name,

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.James 1.5

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