One Of The Few

This is not an autobiography. Although Jason Ladd could write a very interesting one, I am sure. The life of a Marine fighter pilot is full of interesting and powerful stories that people all over the world would like to know. But Ladd has decided to do something else.

And this is not a Case for Christ, or some other Lee Strobel book. Though the world needs all the brilliant resources to give intellectual reason for our faith in Jesus, One Of The Few is something else.

It’s a hybrid. It is a mix of autobiography and faith journey/exploration rolled up into one. For those looking for a pure autobiography or pure faith exploration book, you will be disappointed, but you will also miss out on something powerful.

One Of The Few is a testimony, a man’s journey from a feeble worldview and understand of life, to a solid faith in Christ and the love of Scripture to guide him. It is a look at what changed a young man, a Marine pilot, into a hero, not only for the United States, but of the Christian faith.

Following the story of his life in the military, the trials and triumphs that he experienced, Jason Ladd shares what God has taught him in easy to understand terms. This presentation of the Gospel, how it has transformed him, and why it should transform you is all part of Ladd’s calling to strengthen people in their faith. Referencing Matthew 22:14, Ladd invites you to not be one of the many that is called, but be One Of The Few that are chosen.

As a Canadian, I know very little about Marine pilots. Top Gun may have given me most of the information I have one these brave military personnel. So when I was asked to review this book, I jumped at the chance to. I would gladly learn more about the life and times of some of the most courageous people out there.

I was both shocked and surprised when I actually dove in. One, this wasn’t an autobiography. It was a story of a man’s journey into faith in God. Two, that this man hasn’t stumbling into Jesus and telling us about it. No. This is the story of a man that investigated, searched, and fought to understand the Christian faith, and why it was essential to believe in.

There are books about Christian faith, and the reasons why we believe in it, that can overwhelm you with facts, and knowledge, and statistics, and doctrine, and theological ideas. They tend to be an overload of information and quickly dropped by readers. I have done that to a number of books myself, but One Of The Few was not one of them. Would I have had uninterrupted hours to read this, I would be telling you to pick this book up sooner.

One of the things that I found particularity clever about One Of The Few was the way each chapter opened. Ladd gives the reader a quote from a well individual and then a portion of Scripture. The two quotes contrast so much that you know what is coming next; a realization of a flawed worldview, and the undeniable truth of the Bible, and Ladd’s journey from one to the other.

While some may not agree with all of Jason Ladd’s theology, there is no denying that he is a well educated man, and he is ready to back up his beliefs with good exegesis and sound logic. What One Of The Few offers is a thoughtful examination of the traditional Christian life, wrapped in the interesting life of a Marine pilot, shared with a heart to see others stand firm in their faith.

One Of The Few is a special kind of book. I would be hard pressed to think of another autobiography/witnessing tool like Jason Ladd’s. Readers of any age would learn something from this book.

I would give One Of The Few 4 out of 5 stars.

I want to thank Jason Ladd for giving me the opportunity to read and review One Of The Few. I may not have ever come across this book, but I am so glad that Jason found me and offered it to me. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your story through One Of The Few. God bless you and your ministry.


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