Every week we share the articles and blogs from other sites that we enjoyed.

There’s what we found this week. Hope you enjoy.

Confessions Of A Recovering Christian Know-It-All

When I saw the title, I thought I had secretly written this for Revelvant Magazine. I didn’t, but I could completely relate to someone that was learning to be okay with the mystery and unknowableness of God.

Read the whole article here.


5 Things Christian Couples Should Do More To Make Their Marriage Grow

A marriage will crumble if there is no investment made into it. Here are 5 easy ways to strengthen your marriage, in ways you may have thought of before…or maybe not.

Read all 5 tips here.


The 9 Forms of Infidelity In Marriage

The title is longer than that, which honestly is what got me to read this article. “Hint: 8 of Them Don’t Involve Sex” made me wonder what they were.

Make sure you aren’t secretly harming your marriage. Read all 9 here.


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