This is the second Easter themed story I wrote. I have to say that I really like this one. Especially the last paragraph.
Let me know what you think.

200 Word Stories

MoneyLet’s try it again, from the top. What happened last night Marcus?

Well, sir, it had been a long day. So Lucas and I decided that we might get a couple hours of sleep. I mean, who is going to come a rob a grave?

No, Marcus. Don’t say that. Stick to what we said. You two fell asleep. They came when you were asleep and stole the body.

Right, right. When we woke up, the grave was empty.

Excellent. And Lucas, you can affirm his story without issue?

Yes sir.

Wonderful. Finally, this Jesus will be done with. I will be glad when his clan disperses.

But, sir?

Yes Lucas, what is it now?

He isn’t done with.


This Jesus. He couldn’t have been stolen.

Lucas, you have been paid a great sum of money to keep your trap shut. I would appreciate it if you could do…

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