Throughout the week, I share some of the blogs and articles that I thought were interesting, thought provoking, of just plain fun. But if you aren’t a part of our Facebook group, you’ll miss them.

But, being such a nice guy, I also put them all together here, so you can enjoy them over the weekend.

Click on the title for the link to these articles.

Here we go.

35 Totally Random Life Hacks

Everyone loves doing life a little bit smarter, or faster. Thus, life hacks were born. While you may think they are dumb or the name is kind of funny, these 35 life hacks will help your life, spiritually and any other way that matters.

The Problem In Your Marriage Isn’t What You Think

I thought my marriage was great. But even a glance at this article will get you to start thinking about what is happening in your marriage, and a few places that were problematic. Not saying it was my wife’s fault or even my fault, but there are problems in my marriage. This will help identify them, and work towards solving them.

5 Truths For Our Daughters

There are so many more truths that we need to share with our daughters. However, these 5 may be some of the most powerful and life-affirming truths that any father or mother can share.

A Beautiful Woman Is A Person, Not A Body

The title says it all. But the reality is that all men struggle with acting like this is the truth. John Piper talks about how we can move towards a better view of women.

If God (Once Upon A Time) Commanded Genocide

Genocide, wars, rumors of wars, this has become normal in our world today. But what about in the Bible? Did God command those things? And if He did it once, what’s to stop Him form commanding it again?


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