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Alright. Here we go.

Can Someone Be Gay And Christian, And Faithfully Christian?

While this is technically a book review, there are some powerful statements made. People To Be Loved, written by Preston Sprinkle, asks the questions that everyone is thinking, can homosexuals be Christians, the way heterosexuals are? This review was enough to get me thinking and makes me want to read the book.

What Happens When The Spirit Falls

Have you ever been in a prayer meeting and heard someone pray something like this: “Father, we ask you to send the Holy Spirit,” or, “Let the Spirit fall in our gathering this morning”? Have you ever wondered what that means, what they are actually asking God to do in those moments?

Google’s New Search Engine For Kids

Want to feel secure in letting your little ones go on the Internet? Now you can. Google has come up with a child-friendly search engine that will stop kids from searching for inappropriate things or accidentally stumbling into the seedy underbelly of the Internet.

A 5 Step Method For Delivering A Talk Without Using Notes

You may have learned to use notes in school. You may use them now in your sermons or talks. And that is fine. But, people are more engaged with you, and more likely to respond when you are reading a manuscript, or constantly looking down at the page. If you want your sermons or talks to connect, it’s time to talk without notes.

5 Reasons You Should Ask Someone To Take Photos At A Funeral

This may sound incredible insensitive, but the Huffington Post makes a compelling argument for having someone take pictures at a funeral. It’s not because they are a bunch of creeps, but because they want the best for you. So that you can remember your loved ones and heal through the time of loss.


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