Book in the Grass

Every month, we sit down and look at the Top 5 Viewed Articles here at Christian Thought Sandbox. They may be older posts or they may be posts that went up the day before. Either way, we put them into a list and let you see what they are.

Maybe you have read them all. Maybe you haven’t. Whatever the case may be, have a look and then share this with your friends.

Here we go.

1. How Unspoken Prayer Requests Are Destroying The Church

There is a problem with not sharing why you want prayer, and it could be doing unseen damage to you and your church.

2. 4 Things To Say To An Expecting Father

When a mother is pregnant, she isn’t the only one that is preparing for change. Or should be preparing. Men often get left out of any baby conversations. That should change, and here are some things you can talk about.

3. Can This Be Redeemed Too?

Rock and Roll used to be considered the music of the Devil. But that was a long time ago, and Christians have come around on that. Could yoga be redeemed as well?

4. 3 Reasons Why You Should Use ONLY Your Bible For Personal Devotions

Personal devotions are important. They shouldn’t be dismissed or avoided. But what do you do? Where do you start? The best place to start is with your Bible and only your Bible.

5. The 4 A’s and 1 B Of Prayer – Part 1

The disciples asked Jesus how to pray. You would think it would be complicated, but it’s not. It’s as simple as following 4 A’s.


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