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Every week we share the articles and blogs that we found interesting, encouraging or conversation worthy with you. If there something on this list you enjoyed let us know, or if we missed an article that you thought was amazing, feel free to share it in the comments.

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This is what we found worth sharing this week.

What The Bible Really Says About Politics

With the States preparing to vote in a new President, and Canada going through economic upheaval, we all could use a refresher as to what the Bible says about politics. Not an opinion piece, instead this is a number of portions of Scripture that we need to realize exist and need to be taken seriously.

Date Your Wife: Six Suggestions for Leading with Love

Marriage is one of the most important relationships that you will ever be in. Men, just because you got the girl, it doesn’t mean that you are done. It is important to invest in that relationship, and that may look like dating your wife.

Christian Art Should Have An Agenda

You cannot create art without an agenda, without trying to show or convince the world of something. The same should be with Christian art. Whether it is music, paintings, fiction, we should be sharing our belief.

Seven Reasons Men Have A Right To Speak Out Against Abortion

Some people think that men have no reason to voice an option on abortion. It’s about a woman and her body, and the baby/fetus inside, right? Wrong. Abortion is a much bigger issue than that, an issue that all men should care about, whether you are a father or not.

Where To Read Theology Online

Theology is important. Establishing what we believe and why is a part of working out our faith. Some people are smarter and wiser than others, and they are willing to share with us what they have learned and found to be true, here on the Internet.


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