“If your dreams have seemingly gone up in smoke, or in a sudden burst of wind and hail, don’t count God out of the equation. God is in the business of giving fresh starts to people…

God is the God of the comeback.”

We have all breathed that deep, weighted sigh of failure. Something we wanted, something we planned for fell to complete ruin. All our dreams, our ideas, our picture of the future came tumbling down. Many of us have looked at the cards that life has dealt us—our heritage, our DNA, our personality traits—and wished that they could be changed. Chances are you have experienced a relationship death, a friendship terminated, a marriage thrown away, or a loved one passed away.

When we get pushed down, we need a comeback. We need a refreshing, a renewal, a return. We need that breakthrough; that underdog moment where we overcome all the obstacles, all the burdens and stand victorious. But trying to do it ourselves doesn’t work. It might work for a little while, but we’ll fall again. We’ll get overwhelmed by circumstances. We fail. We fall into sin. We crash and burn. The truth is, we need help. We need someone else to give us a comeback. One of significance. One filled with might and power. And the only way that is going to happen, according to renowned author and speaker, Louie Giglio, is from God. God is the one who gives the comeback, because He is the God of The Comeback.

The Comeback is not a book about how to make a comeback. This is not a step by step manual on how to get yourself out of a hole, or pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. There are other books that can tell you that, and Louie Giglio is not interested in telling the reader that. What he is interested in doing is pointing you towards the One who gives the comeback. He wants to see you look to God when you’re down in the dumps, when your dreams seem to have died, when you aren’t sure what God is doing with your life. It is then and only then that you will make a comeback.

Giglio doesn’t just talk about those people that have fallen on hard times and need a comeback. It isn’t just the person with the crushed dream that needs a comeback. The sinner, the spiritually lost, the prodigal sons and daughters that have yet to come home, they need a deeper kind of comeback. Regardless of what kind of comeback you may need, or your loved ones need, The Comeback points to The Way, The Truth, and The Life as the source of any kind of comeback. Because of Jesus, we all can be renewed, refreshed, revived. Because of Jesus we can all come back. And what a life changing, soul enriching comeback it will be.

With loads of personal stories, Louie Giglio helps point out for those in need of a comeback just how God works to bring back what was once lost. Written in a manner similar to his speaking style, fans of Giglio will love and be uplifted by The Comeback.

“When you come back from the bottom of the pit of sin, from the worst ghetto of degradation, from the gutter of gutters and you move into personal salvation, it’s possible because Jesus Christ is alive. When you come back from a background of abuse…crime…disease and injury and pain,…the worst personality traits of your heritage and DNA,…a relationship breakdown,…business failure or a lost job…it’s because Jesus Christ is alive.”

I did not realize that I was in need of a comeback. When I picked up this book, it was because I recognized Louie Giglio’s name and thought “This should be good.” I didn’t realize how true and powerful and relevant for me it would be. To be reassured that God is still at work when my dreams fall flat was exactly what my soul needed. To be reminded that when my idea of how God’s plans should work fails terribly, God is still working His perfect, unfailing plan. To be overwhelmed by the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to see how relevant it is to any renewal, any revival of the human soul, was refreshing.

I found myself agreeing with Giglio when he described the kinds of situations people can find themselves in when they need a comeback. He put language to the place that I am in spiritually. And it was good to know that I wasn’t alone in this space.

And even if I was in a different place in my life, The Comeback would still be a great read. For those that are not in need of a comeback, this is a resource in how to talk about, or how to help direct those that need one. To point them back to God in praise, to look back to Jesus as the one that gives us the renewal, to see the Spirit of God energizing us to move one step up the mountain at a time; this is a valuable book for pastors and counsellors across the spectrum of Christianity. The Comeback is in no way a self help book, but it most certainty will help yourself if you read it.

Louie Giglio is a popular and well respected Christian author and speaker, and for good reason. Because of his easy to follow delivery of Scripture, heart tugging stories, and praise inspiring application, people everywhere enjoy hearing what Giglio has to say. And they will find that to be true of The Comeback.

I give The Comeback by Louie Giglio 4 out of 5 stars.

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