It’s been over 2000 years since Jesus walked the Earth. Over 2000 years since He started a spiritual revolution that is now called Christianity. But if we went back in time and compared notes with Jesus on what He taught and what it meant, we would be talking about two totally different spiritual revolutions.

That is what Jefferson Bethke wants to see fixed—a return to what Jesus actually meant, what Jesus actually taught. It’s Not What You Think shares the powerful truth, “Christianity is about so much more than going to heaven when you die.”

Filled with personal stories and easy to understand language, Bethke walks through different aspects of Christianity, showing how it is commonly understood now, and how it was originally intended. But that isn’t all that he offers. Bethke then gives application of these newly revealed truths that are easy to understand and more desirable to implement. What Jesus taught isn’t easy to believe or do, but His way is a much better way.

It’s Not What You Think covers different topics, because Christianity isn’t a one tone song. This book talks about who you actually are, not who you think you are. It discusses the Sabbath, worship and what the Temple were all meant to be, and how we can interact with the fulfillment of those ancient shadows. Something as simple as a table, or who your neighbours are and what the Kingdom of God actually is are all laid bare in It’s Not What You Think.

For the generation that knows so little of what Jesus actually taught, for those that are needing new or fresh light shone on the things of Christ, It’s Not What You Think is a breathe of air that leaves you refreshed, enriched, and on the way to becoming more of the person God intended you to be.

This book was not what I thought. Yes, that is a play on the title, but honestly, I thought this book was going to be something else. There is nothing wrong with this book, but a preconceived notion about it will really throw you for a loop. While most books have a single theme and spend many chapters discussing and dissecting that idea, It’s Not What You Think does not. The single theme of this book, if we can call it that, is that the popular ideas of Christianity and the beliefs therein are not the teachings of Jesus. What most people believe Christianity is today is in fact a far cry from anything Jesus said. To help rectify this problem, Jefferson Bethke has taken major ideas within Christianity and explained what is at the heart of all these beliefs.

This book is less a book, and more a collection of essays with a cleverly crafted title that helps string them all together. Sabbath, it’s not what you think. The Temple, it’s not what you think. This is not a bad thing. Numerous times while reading this I thought that It’s Not What You Think would make an excellent evangelistic tool, or a great resource for those that were skeptical about the whole God/Jesus thing. But such a disconnect between chapters, the lack of smooth transition from one topic to the next can affect the enjoyment for the reader.

I wish that Jefferson Bethke would take each chapter of It’s Not What You Think and make them their own books. He has great things to say, I only wish he would have said more.

That being said, I give It’s Not What You Think 3 out of 5 stars.

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