My wife is not a New Years Resolution type of person. I usually set some goals for myself on the first of January, as many people do, but she doesn’t. She sets her goals when they need to be set, not necessarily the beginning of the year. But there was something that she did this January 1st that was amazing. Something that I had to share, because it encouraged me. Not only as a husband, but as a Christian. I’m hoping that you find this encouraging too.

She bought a cookie jar.

I will always love my wife’s cookies. They are delicious, but that wasn’t why she bought this one. It was something that she had seen on Facebook, and she wanted to try. The idea is this: write down all the miracles or blessings that you receive from God in the new year. The jar will remind you of the truth that God provides, that you are indeed blessed, and that you are loved by a Gracious Heavenly Father. A very simple idea. A very simple practice.

But that wasn’t what encouraged me. She bought the cookie jar and that was great, but it was something specific about the cookie jar that encouraged me most. It was a big cookie jar. A large one. A cookie jar that would easily hold a couple dozen cookies. If it was going to hold her delicious chocolate chip cookies, I would be over the moon. But she bought this large cookie jar because it was to be filled with memories of God’s blessings. Not a small jar. A big one.

What an act of faith that she would buy a large cookie jar because God’s blessings would be that numerous astonished me. She committed to this year long project and spent good money, believing that God would and could do so much for her and her family that it required a large cookie jar to hold. My wife believed God was going to move mightily in 2016.

I was astonished. I was humbled. I didn’t think of that. I had opted for a smaller jar. But my wife was right. God is going to do many wonderful and miraculous things in this year.

The God that provided a sacrifice for Abraham on the mountain, the God who made a way of escape for the nation of Israel through the Red Sea, the God who gave Israel a home flowing with milk and honey, the God whose name is Jehovah Jireh, The God Who Provides, will continue in his loving care for you too.

He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. – Hebrews 13.8

2016 is a new year, filled with experiences and events unlike the years that came before it. But one thing that will be constant; God will bless you, God will perform miracles in your life. My wife believes that so much she is expecting to fill that large cookie jar.

May you be encouraged and so believe that God will do the same for you.


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