These are the Top 15 Articles posted here at Christian Thought Sandbox that you read in 2015. Not all of them were published in 2015, but these were the ones that all the readers of Christian Thought Sandbox viewed the most this last year. See which of your favourites made the list, and let us know which of your favourites didn’t make this list.

1. How Unspoken Prayer Requests Are Destroying The Church

Not sharing exactly what you want prayer for is what we often call an unspoken prayer request. This practise can be a destructive force in the church. It skips fellowship. It skips sharing the burdens we bear. Read the article to understand more.

2. 4 Things To Say To An Expecting Father

It isn’t just a mother that has a lot to think about and a lot going on when a new born is expected. Fathers have a lot going on as well. And they could use some encouragement. They could use some advice. They could use some help. So here are 4 things to say to future fathers. Follow the link.

3. The Best Answer To Prayer You Didn’t Know God Gave You

We often pray to God with the appropriate answer already in mind. We know how we want God to solve our problems, but that doesn’t mean that God will do it our way. In fact, in most case God answers in a way that you may never have thought of. But after reading this post, you will be blown away by how often God has, and how good that is.

4. There Is A Time

“There is a time for everything” is how Ecclesiastes 3 goes. But this isn’t a poetic commentary on God and how He works. It is commentary on how the world operates. We may have some strange ideas about this famous passage, some that need to reviewed and replaced. Ecclesiastes 3 isn’t a discouraging passage, but one of the most encouraging. See why we think that way here.

5. Sorry Rev, Masturbation Is A Sin

In response to an article from Religion News, we discuss the issue of masturbation, sexual sin and sexual immorality. It may not be popular, it may not be particularly contemporary, but it is founded in the Bible. Masturbation Is A Sin, Part 1 starts here.

6. Can This Be Redeemed Too?

There was a time when rock and roll music was deemed as evil, satanic, and of the Devil. But that time is not now, Christian rock and roll is a large industry. But what about Yoga, the eastern mystic exercise? Is this something that we should be a part of? Can it be redeemed like rock and roll once was? Join the conversation here.

7. Fathers, Watch Your Mouth

What is in your heart will bubble forth and come out of your mouth. That is especially true when it comes to how you feel about your children. After listening to two different men talk about their kids, the destructive power of those bubbling words became apparent. We need to be careful what we say. See what I had to say about it here.

8. Who Are The Two Witnesses?

If you have ever read the Book of Revelation, you will know that there are two mysterious witnesses that are mentioned. The problem is that we don’t know. There are popular answer, ideas that often make the rounds in churches, but this is a new one. Could these two men from the Book of Numbers be the two referenced in Revelation? Check out our pondering here.

9. The Problem With The Burning House Scenario

Your house is burning. You have time to run in and get one thing. What do you grab? We are all familiar with that question, but it is a bad question. It skips some very basic, but very important Christian ideals. The Burning House Scenario is a problematic question, one that needs to be forgotten. See why right here.

10. An Open Letter To The Boy That Did Not Come Back From Heaven

There have been many accounts of kids going to heaven when they have died, but this story was different. This boy lied. He didn’t go to heaven. This was our open letter to him, praising him for his honesty. Read it all here.

11. A Response to “Unspoken Prayer Requests”

One of your readers responded to the article “How Unspoken Prayer Requests Are Destroying The Church” and thought I had skipped some things. After reading through their thoughts, I clarified some things from that first article to make it more clear and user friendly. Maybe there is a time for unspoken prayer requests, but only within these unique situations. See what I had to say by following the link.

12. The First IMAX Movie My Daughter Will See

My wife and I are big movie goers. And because of that, our daughter will be exposed to plenty of films. But I want to be purposeful in her experience with IMAX theatres. I want her to learn a powerfully biblical truth through this special format of movies. To see why I am planning this, follow the link.

13. 2 Interesting Truths About Satan And Your Prayers

I was praying silently to myself one day, and I had two strange thoughts. Thoughts that interested me, because they said something about Satan that I had never realized before. But also about how powerful even silent prayers can be. See what I mean right here.

14. Sorry Rev, But Masturbation Is A Sin Part 2: How To Move Away From Masturbation

I wasn’t happy to just give a theological answer to the issue of Masturbation. It is a problem for many people, myself included. As good as a biblical answer is, people need help to move away from the issue. They need help to escape the sin. This blog is a list of ways that anyone struggling with this sexual sin can flee. Read the whole blog for a complete list of help.

15. Our Attitude Towards Tithing Should Be…

Tithing is a constant biblical battle for Western Christians. Is it something we should do? Was that the Old Testament, something we leave now? Did Jesus preach on? We try to get at the heart of the issue, and look at the attitude we should have about tithing, regardless of the amount we give or where we give it. See what we have to say here.





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