Another brilliant article by one of my professors, hope that you enjoy it.

Andrew K. Gabriel

blood-moonIf you run in charismatic circles to any extent, you’ve probably heard that something “big” is going to happen this fall, because the last of the “four blood moons” will take place. And I’m here to tell you, something BIG will take place.

First, a few important observations about the “prophecy” and the Bible:

  1. What is “something big?” Such “prophecy” is so vague that almost anything can be taken to fulfill the prophecy. It seems to me that prophecy in scripture isn’t so vague.
  2. Biblical prophecy is most frequently concerned with telling people to repent (turn from sin to God), and actually not that often about foretelling the future.
  3. There are only three passages in the Bible that speak of the “moon turned blood red” (Revelation 6:12 and Joel 2:31, later quoted in Acts 2:19), but there are many other signs that are supposed to occur together with that one…

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