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“What exactly is this divide?

It’s the gulf between the human head and the human heart. It’s the split between what we say we believe in our minds and what we really believe in our hearts. It’s the chasm between our knowledge about God and our experience of Him.”

We have all had that experience. We are sitting listening to a sermon and the pastor says something that causes our stomachs to wrench. Not that the pastor said something wrong or heretical, but what he just spoke contradicts everything we know. Maybe not everything we know, but most certainly everything we feel and have experienced.

The pastor says “God will never leave you nor forsake you”, but why do I feel so alone, and why won’t God talk to me? The pastor says “You are loved unconditionally by God, and the church”, but why do I feel so much shame and guilt when people look at me?

This is the divide, “when the head and heart don’t agree“, and this is a major problem. Because whether we realize it or not, we all are divided people. We all think one thing and feel another; thoughts and feelings do not line up all the time. This problem is causing catastrophic damage to the Church. Even in the life of author Bill Delvaux. Who better to explain and uncover this cancer in the Church than someone who has experienced it. He knows the divide, this chasm of the head and heart, all too well. It was from this realization of this devastating split that he wrote Divided.

Speaking as one who suffers with us, Delvaux unpacks and uncovers this canyon inside all believers. And uncover he must, for this is a problem that has gone undiagnosed and unmentioned in the Body of Christ for far too long. There is more than just a disconnect between the head and the heart. Fear is involved. Shame is mixed in this problem as well. And the prevailing lies that the enemy continually feeds us are attached to this issue too.

While this matter of a divide may strike some as being a problem of theological terms and great spiritual maturity, Delvaux will quickly prove that it isn’t. This is a very simple and every day problem. One that affects how we talk to our spouses. One that will dictate how we treat our coworkers and employers. This divide is an issue that won’t one day influence how you teach your children and help them grow. It is influencing you and your children now. The problem is not some high-in-the-sky issue. Divided is dealing with a down to earth, hands in the dirt problem.

Without any condemnation or willful causing of guilt trips, Bill Delvaux masterfully crafts a word picture about what is happening in the Christian life. He explains what this divide is, where it came from, and ultimately what has to be done with it. With tonnes of personal stories and accounts from people that Delvaux has personally met, Divided helps uncover for all readers the issues that they didn’t know were there – issues that were just below the surface, but effecting everything. Divided is set to help those struggling with a divided head and heart to move through the chasm, towards the glorious presence of God. A move from brokenness to wholeness, to see this great divide start to close; this is what Divided is all about.

“In fact, the journey is not really about doing something at all.

It’s about receiving someone.”

I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I picked up Bill Delvaux’s Divided. I liked the tag line. I think that is what really hooked me. “When the Head and Heart Don’t Agree” resonated with me somewhere inside, so I grabbed it. I had no idea, no way of preparing for what this book was going to put me through.

On the back cover, Steven Curtis Chapman’s wife, Mary Beth, describes Divided as “refreshing“. I would have chosen a different word. While it is “refreshing” to have someone speak so honestly about this hidden cancer in the Body of Christ, I would have chosen more colourful words.

Soul wrenching. Gut spilling.

Or if I was allowed to write the quote on the back cover, I would have said something like this.

“Be sure you are ready for what is coming, because once you read this book, there is no going back. Divided will do to you what a surgeon does to a patient — cut you open and reveal the death and disease growing inside you. Only a doctor will remove it. Delvaux lets you decide what you will do with this spiritual cancer.”

And I can understand why no one would want that on the back of their book, but that is what it did for me. That is what it is still doing for me. Reading Divided has unearthed so many problems and issues that I didn’t’ realize were there. Things that I brushed off, or chalked up to the way I was, are revealed to be something else entirely.

This is not a bad thing. A cancer patient would say that having a surgery and a tumor removed was a blessing. I would say the same thing about Divided. It is a simple read, but nothing about this book is simple. The truth that Delvaux discusses and reveals cut deep, leaving you ripe for God’s miraculous healing and growth. Even in the few days since I have finished reading Divided, I have noticed a change in me and my family. Imagining what the truth of this book could do for my family and friends in a years time brings great joy to my soul. Divided will reveal the cancer, but leave you in a much better place when it is all said and done. Spiritual growth and maturity are sure to follow the reading of this book.

I can say that this book is completely deserving of 5 out of 5 stars. Divided has the raw and honest power to transform lives. Well done, Bill Delvaux.

Pick up your copy of Divided: When the Head and Heart Don’t Agree here at Amazon.ca

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