Seeing that January has obviously slipped past us, and now that the end of February has sneaked up on us too, we thought we would do something special for you guys.

Here it is for the first 2015 Top Posts, the top 15 viewed articles by you for the months of January and February are:

1. How Unspoken Prayer Requests Are Destroying The Church

Have you ever heard someone say that they need prayer, but they don’t want to share any of the details with you? It happens all the time. We may play it off as innocent, or as a way of protecting ourselves. But the honest truth is, we are doing damage to the Body of Christ by making unspoken prayer requests. Read more here.

2. The Best Answer To Prayer You Never Knew God Gave You

Growing up, I was taught that God answered prayer in three ways; Yes, No, or Wait. But as I grew up I found that these answers did not satisfy, they left me feeling empty and angry with God. Little did I know that there was a fourth and better answer to my prayers that God has always offered. Find out what it is here.

3. An Open Letter To The Boy That Did Not Come Back From Heaven

A boy claimed to go to heaven after he had died and came back. After some time however, he retracted his statement. He had never been to heaven, he had only said that from the publicity and fame. After hearing what he had done, we had some words for him. Read those thoughts by following this link.

4. The First IMAX Movie My Daughter Will See

My daughter has born into a family that loves movies. One day she will go to the theater and be dazed by the CGI and the loud noises of a Dolby Digital Surround sound system. But before that happens, if I can make it work, I want her to see a certain IMAX movie first. And for spiritual reasons, not movie going reasons. See what that reason is here.

5. An Introduction (B.A.M. Part 1)

Being a man isn’t a cut and dry thing. There are so many different ideas on what it means to act like a man. So where do we go for instruction on who we are to be? Where do we turn for rules and guidelines on how we are supposed to act? The greatest guide in any man’s life will always be the Bible, and this series seeks to find those important instructions, rules and guidelines to help men be the mean God called them to be. Read here for the start of the B.A.M series.

6. Our Identity and Our Job (B.A.M. Part 2)

Who we are and what we do go hand in hand. The two really cannot be separated. One effects the other, the other influences the one. So who are we as men? What does God think of us? And what does that mean we should do? How do we act after we learn that God looks at every man and sees a miniature king? The answer may surprise you. Follow this link to find out more.

7. MyBookLook: The Reluctant Journey by Richard Parrott

The walk with God, the relationship with Jesus that all Christians have is not always an easy one. In most cases, it is a fight just to make it through the day. But according to Richard Parrott, that is perfectly normal. That is part of the journey, that is part of a faith walk with Christ. In his book, The Reluctant Journey, Parrott seeks to help those on the journey know what and why things are happening. Read our book review here to learn more.

8. MyBookLook: Simply Open by Greg Paul

Getting to know God isn’t always an easy thing to do. How to you grow in relationship with an Invisible God? While the task may seem daunting, and it can seem complicated at times, it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be as simple as being open. That’s what Greg Paul believes, and in his book Simply Open he explains how a simple prayer can revolutionize your relationship with God. Read our book review here to learn more about it.

9. Sorry Rev, Masturbation Is A Sin

After reading a Dear Abby type post by a priest, I was compelled to write a response to his letter. This priest claimed that it was not a sin and it did not bother God if people masturbated. While the word doesn’t appear in the Bible, God does have a lot to say about what we do with our bodies. Follow the link here for further explanation.

10. Sorry Rev, But Masturbation Is A Sin Part 2: How To Move Away From Masturbation

Since I wrote my initial response to the priest and his opinion on masturbation, it dawned on me that there may be readers here that struggle with this sexual sin. And simply telling them why it is wrong doesn’t help very much in avoiding it. So I looked back over my own life, and the lives of people I know, for helpful tips on how to move away from masturbation. Read them all here.

11. It’s Time To Take Out The Garbage (B.A.M. Part 3)

God gave Adam a command after man was formed from the dust. But it is a commandment that is often neglected by the church, and ignored by men. That should be the case. This command, this call to action is as much linked to our identity and duty as the call to be kings. We need to reexamine something about our understanding of manhood. Learn more here.

12. What Is Frightening About Slenderman & What We Should Do About It

He may be a fictional character, but he seems to becoming more and more a part of the real world. Two separate murders have been connected to the Slenderman in 2014 and there is no indication that he isn’t involved in children’s lives anymore. That’s right, children committed these crimes. This should disturb us, and for more than the obvious reason. See what I am talking about here.

13. A Response to “Unspoken Prayer Requests”

After I wrote about how unspoken prayer requests were doing damage to the Body of Christ, someone had some questions. I thought that they were great questions and worth addressing. Click the link here and see what the questions and answers were.

14. Sorry Rev, But Masturbation Is A Sin Part 3: Tying Up Loose Ends

Even after my initial response, and my follow-up article about how to avoid masturbation, there were still questions being asked. I talked about men, what about girls? But what about natural desires and bodily urges, should we simply ignore them? Find the answers to these questions and many more right here.

15. 4 Things To Say To An Expecting Father

Just because mom is the one that is carrying the baby, and will have to deliver the child, it doesn’t mean that dad has no responsibilities or reasons to worry. Being an expecting father can be difficult, and too often goes through this period of time alone and without any kind of help. But there are things that we can say to help expecting dads in this chaotic time. See what they are here.


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