I’ve posted articles from my former professor Andrew Gabriel before. And I’m doing it again, because he has found a trio of wonderful short videos about violence in the Old Testament.

I’ve only included the videos, but the original blog can be found on my professor’s personal blog here.


Violence in the Old Testament

Violence in the days of Moses and Joshua

Violence in the book of Judges


What do you think?

Do you agree or disagree with these new ideas about violence in the Old Testament?

What is your stance and how do you support that?

Let me know in the comment section.

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2 thoughts on “God, Violence, and the Old Testament

  1. YES; GOD is angry with sin and describes
    HIMSELF as jealous for HIS own people–
    is it possible that when GOD became
    incarnate as JESUS HE had more
    compassion for the lost ??


  2. That is possible Martin, but then your theology has to make room for a God that can grow, or can learn and doesn’t know everything already.
    Saying that He grew or learned more compassion may imply that He was not perfect in compassion before.
    That may be difficult to swallow for some, as the idea of a changing God clashes with what they have been taught.

    I’m not saying I believe in a changing God, only making the observation about what a changeable God would imply.


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