Junior AmoJr, Flickr
Junior AmoJr, Flickr

Dear Alex Malarkey,

I’m sure that you are overwhelmed by emails, open letters, tweets and Facebook comments given recent events. I do not want to add any stress to your life, but I felt compelled to tell you something regarding the news about your “visit” to heaven.

Well done. I must say that I am impressed with you. Although I do not know you, I am proud of you Alex.

It is said that it takes a big man to admit your mistakes. You sir are standing head and shoulders above most of us.

I cannot imagine that it was easy to admit that you hadn’t actually been to heaven. That kind of news is amazing, and did get you the attention that you wanted. To tell the world that you lied, that your story, “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” is not true in the least, is a huge deal. While I can’t condone that action, I am impressed that you decided to come clean.

You have lost a book deal. Another book, Heaven Is For Real, just had a movie released, a story that is similar to yours. That opportunity is gone as well. But it is more than you lost them. You gave them up. You decided that you did not want them. You wanted the truth.

I applaud your actions, though I’m sure that it was difficult.

It would have been easy to live in the lie for the rest of your life. To just let the book speak for you, and deny what actually happened. And still you didn’t want that to happen.

Whether it was God that convicted you, or the fact that you were tired of living the lie, that caused you to reveal the truth, I do not know. But I am astonished that you did.

We live in a world that will do anything to get ahead. A world that will say anything to make a buck. A world that will accept the lie over the truth. And you have chosen to step outside that world and do something that is honouring to God.

I don’t know if anyone has said that to you yet, in all those emails, tweets and comments, but it is true. You coming clean, revealing your sin and declaring the truth is a way of showing respect for God. And that is awesome.

While I’m sure your immediate future may seem bleak, especially with people giving you an earful and your book going out of print, I want you to remember this.

God does not reject a repentant heart (Psalm 51.17).

While you may not have experienced heaven as you did claim in your book, that doesn’t mean that you can’t one day.

Do not let this experience deter you from a faith in a forgiving God, because He is and He wants you to know that.

Wishing you all the best,

Your friend,


To read the story of Alex’s retracted story, follow this link.

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