ChriZ TraX//Flickr
ChriZ TraX//Flickr

I pray that you will have a wonderful holiday, that you will find yourself in the warm company of family and friends.

I hope that you encounter joy and gladness in the midst of the winter season, that you will know the presence of happiness and peace in your home.

I wish that you all would know the comfort and calm  that comes from the eternal truth of this holiday, that we are not left alone on this rock. We are not left to our own devices to survive in this broken and sinful world. We are not abandoned by the powers that be, destined to fall into ruin.

No, rather, God is with us. Our God is here, Immanuel.

I pray that this Christmas you will know and experience the very real and very close presence of The God who is Here, The God who is with us, the one that we call Jesus.

Merry Christmas from Christian Thought Sandbox.


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