Everyone blogs and reviews about all the new books that are coming out. We all do it, for good reasons. So do I. We love reading good books. And we want to make sure that you, our readers, have the necessary information to decide if a particular book is worth your hard earned cash and your very precious time.

But what about those books that are currently occupying space on your shelves, or are stacked on your coffee table, or are keeping your desk level? Are they worth keeping? Should they occupy shelf space? Or should some of these old books get tossed?

Rather than letting those old books collect more dust, or throw out wonderful pieces of literature, you now can make informed decisions about these books as well.

OFF MY SHELF is a new monthly book review here at Christian Thought Sandbox.

About once a month I will take a book down from one of my book shelves, read it and then tell you whether this is a book worth keeping or worthy of being thrown out. It will either be put back on my shelf as an older yet worth while book, or it will be taken OFF MY SHELF, making way for newer, and ultimately better books.

It’s that simple. Now you don’t have to spend hours flipping through a useless book and can actually skip right to the good ones.


I hope that you will enjoy OFF MY SHELF, as well as my other book reviews, MyBookLook with BookLookBloggers.

Talk to you all soon.



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