“A down-to-earth guide to understanding the most mysterious book of the Bible.”

The Book of Revelation Made Clear

MyBookLook Summary:

To say that Revelation is a difficult book to understand is a complete understatement.

People have dedicated their whole lives trying to understand the imagery behind this prophetic vision but have only come up with more questions than answers.

But with Tim LaHaye, co-author of the best selling series Left Behind, and Timothy E. Parker, editor of USA Today Crosswords, there may be hope that the mysteries are being revealed.

Without all the flowery theological language, without the complicated words, LaHaye and Parker delve into the Book of Revelation, unpacking it for the educated and uneducated, all in an effort to see the truth revealed to the whole world.

Because of LaHaye and Parker’s work, Revelation should no longer a difficult book to understand.

MyBookLook Review:

The Book of Revelation is difficult to understand, thus there are very different and opposing views on what this prophetic book means.

LaHaye holds to a futurist view of Revelation. Basically, he believes that chapters 1-3 involve the past, while chapters 4-22 are about the future. This is a valid view of Revelation, so anything I have to say about The Book of Revelation Made Clear is not about his understanding of Scripture, but about the book itself.

LaHaye and Parker tried to do something different, “straightforward” and “easier-to-digest”. This comes in the form of multiple choice questions before you know what the answers could possibly be. While intended to be fun, it becomes embarrassing when you realize how little you know about Revelation, or LaHaye’s interpretation of Revelation.

Beyond that, LaHaye does little to nothing about actually informing the reader about Revelation. Almost all the metaphors and imagery remains unexplained, mysteries are still hidden and some readers may stay completely baffled by the Scriptures.

That is not how a “guide” book titled The Book of Revelation Made Clear should be described or written.

MyBookLook Rating:

I would give this book a 1 out of 5 stars, due to the poor format and lack of information.


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4 thoughts on “The Book of Revelation Made Clear by LaHaye and Parker: Book Review

  1. Good to know. I typically like LaHaye’s writing. If you would really like to understand the book of Revelation I would highly recommend getting your Bible and a notebook and sitting down daily with a teaching podcast from a respected teacher. I did this years ago and although I was raised in church and was taught eschatology with the gigantic charts, I didn’t retain a lot of it. I would also recommend teaching to someone else as you go along! The teachers I would recommend are Damien Kyle, Jon Courson and Chuck Missler. There are others, but for me the combination of these three gave me a very well-rounded perspective and the repetition was needed!
    Jon Courson always started his lesson out by saying “Revelation is not a hard book to understand”. And he is absolutely right!


  2. You’re welcome. You might get the idea that Chuck Missler is a little nutty at first and he does have some “interesting” points of view, but I think he is biblically sound.
    Another teacher is David Guzik, although I haven’t heard him on Revelation.
    Maybe stop by my blog (barely started) someday and let me know what you think about the teaching on Revelation?


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