She looks to him for someone to love her, but he burns her and throws her away.
She looks to alcohol for its warmth and comfort and ability to make her forget, but it eats her insides and destroys her soul.
She looks to the comfort of the drugs, the numbness and nothingness it brings, but it leaves her more empty then before.
She looks to the blade just to feel something, but it leaves her sticky and breathless. The marks on her skin are a constant reminder of shame and the hurt within.
She looks to death for freedom, but even it deceives her and lies to her.
She looks to friends to encourage her, but they leave her wanting and searching.
She looks to her family for love and support, but they ignore and disappoint her.
She finally sits down, tears in her eyes and cries out,
“Will no one help me? What could possibly take away this pain!?”
And out of the darkness shone a single ray of light and a still, small voice whispers,
“I will.”

Warmth fills her heart and she asks, “Who are you to help me?”
The voice replies in both love and power,
“I AM.
“I AM the love you seek, I AM the warmth you desire.
“I AM the comfort you need, I AM the arms you seek.
“I AM the freedom you’ve received, I AM the encouragement you need to hear.
“I AM the One who will never leave you nor disappoint you.
“You can push me away and run and hide, but I will always stay close.
“I AM the love you need and it will never run out.
“Run to me and I will hold you while you cry because, trust me, I know you need to.
“My arms are big and can hold everything you are carrying.
“I AM the healing you need, for what you see and what you don’t
“Are you ready to let me help you?”
She sat in a pool of tears and blood and frustration.
She lifted her hand, and out fell the booze, the drugs, the blades, the men, the friends, the family.
Lighter she felt.
Slowly she stood.
Then she took a step forward.
And it was finished.
Originally posted by Cassandra Rivett,

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