Brief and summary as is the information here given us respecting the enigma of enigmas, the origin of Evil, it is yet of unspeakable importance.

For it teaches us that Sin is not a part of man’s nature, but the fault and corruption of it, that it did not spring from his nature by any inevitable necessity, but in consequence of his yielding to the seductions of a powerful and malignant Foe.

He did not, like his Tempter, chose sin for its own sake, but was beguiled into it.

Hence, though he became liable to all the penal consequences of his disobedience, though his being was poisoned with sin, yet it was not converted into sin.

He did not lose all remembrance of his former state of purity and innocence; the shame which overwhelmed him and made him hide himself from the presence of God, testifies to his consciousness of transgression, and in this sense of guilt lay the possibility of his restoration.

– G. F. Maclear, A Class-Book of Old Testament History


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