Being a father isn’t something we do. It’s something we are.

MyBookLook Summary:

Just because you can create offspring, it  doesn’t mean that you are a dad.

That is how the saying goes, and that is the sad truth.

More often than ever before, fathers are absent from their children’s lives. It can be a physical absence, but it could also be an emotional or spiritual absence as well. This reluctant parent trend is devastating the nation, and shows no sign of slowing down.

Unless we change.

Unless fathers start becoming the dads they were meant to be, future generations will never know or experience the unique love and guidance that a dad should bring to the family.

Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, shares his life story about absent father figures and how dads everywhere can start moving towards being a more godly and effective parenting presence in the family.

MyBookLook Review:

I am hard pressed to think of a parenting book that is so foundational and comprehensive in its approach as The Good Dad. I can’t think of a book that explores the reality of being a father that translates to parents at any stage in the journey as well as this one does.

Whether you are a new parent like me, or you have children in their teens, or you have kids that have kids of their own, The Good Dad speaks to our need to be better and shows us how.

Not by way of condemnation, but in a way that is encouraging, enlightening and challenging to dads of all ages.

This is a book that should be at the front of your parenting books section of the family library.

MyBookLook Quote:

Fatherhood doesn’t resemble being a mechanic: we can’t fix things with a turn of a socket wrench. It’s much slower work. Subtle work. Sometimes we don’ t know if what we’re doing is even working.

MyBookLook Rating:

I would give The Good Dad a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

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