Mother’s Days is difficult holiday for some people.

But that’s because of it’s love’s fault.

Hans Splinter/flickr
Hans Splinter/flickr

I am blessed to still have my mother with me.

She does live over a thousand kilometers away, but she is still alive and well. I can text her, call her whenever I want.

I have the opportunity to visit her whenever I get a chance.

Not everyone has that.

I am blessed to have a mother in law.

And she is not a monster, as is the case for some people.

Just like my own mother, my mother in law is loving and kind.

She is always there if I need to talk to her, or hear her experience speak to my life situation.

Both of my mothers are amazing, and I won’t trade them for the world.

But some people don’t have a mother anymore. They don’t get the chance to know their mother in law.

For them, Mother’s Day is a tough day, not a day of rejoicing.

I believe that it is a particularly tough day because of love.

Love is the reason that Mother’s Day is such a rough day for some people.

There is something amazing and mystical about a mother’s love that can penetrate all the barriers and walls that we put up.

There is something compelling about a mother’s love that keeps going strong long after a son or daughter has abandon them.

There is something unique about a mother’s love, among all other loves, because even after they are gone, somehow you can still feel it’s potent power gripping your heart.

There is something extraordinary about a mother’s love that slowly changes your mindset of anger and hostility towards her, to one of thanksgiving and longing for more of that love.


That is the tip of the iceberg.

A mother’s love is something that is so not of this world, so strange in this world, you may think that a mother’s love was fueled by something grander, diviner than herself.


But not everyone has a mother today.

Some mothers have left this world, they have passed on.

Some mothers haven’t left this world, they merely moved on, leaving their children alone. Leaving them without the love that they so desperately need.

Some mothers have not left physically, but their hearts are not here. They do not show the love, even though they are present. They do not care about their kids, and act like a caretaker, rather than the essential love giver to these children.


My heart breaks for people that do not have mothers, whether they have passed away or they are absent in one form or another.

And I know that these peoples’ heart break because they desperately want what their mothers should have given them: love.


To those people that do not have a mother with them, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you are finding yourself in a loveless place today. That isn’t the way that it should be.

This shouldn’t be a difficulty



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