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I don’t like my job some days.

I don’t like the drama that seems to always find my family.

I don’t like that the ministry that God has called me to hasn’t come around yet.

I don’t like that I am having to pinch pennies so that my wife and I can buy a house.

I don’t like that I have to put my comic book reading hobby on hold.

I don’t like that I have no close friends close by.

I don’t like quite a few things in my life.

And that is totally okay.

In fact, I would go so far as to say this.

It is a good thing to not like the way that your life is looking.

I’ll explain why.

I do not hate my life.

I actually love my life. I love my wife. I love our yet to be born baby girl.

I love that I have a job that allows me read and write while working.

I love that I have the support and encouragement to read comic books from my spouse.

I love that God has a unique and large ministry calling on my life.

I love that God has blessed me so greatly that I can afford to put a down payment on a house.

I love the friends that I have, even if they are thousands of miles away.

I love so many things in my life, and that is good. You should love your life, what is happening in it.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things going on that I don’t like.

I think that there are times in our lives when not liking our life is totally okay.

In fact, I would say natural. It can be very natural to not like what is happening in your life.

I’m sure at some point in your life you have heard these words. Either these exact words or a variation of them.

“You need to be content with what you have.”

“You need to be happy with the way that things are.”

“You should be glad that you are alive at all.”

While this may be the prevailing truth, the truth that is true most of the time, there are times when it is okay to not be happy with the way things are.

There is a time in our lives where it is okay to not be satisfied that things aren’t the way that you would like.

There is a moment, or a series of moments when you are desiring better things, even though they aren’t there. Yet.

There comes a natural point in all of our lives where we wish that things weren’t the way they are.

There is a place in your life where not liking your life is totally okay.

Maybe you are like me, you find that your job is insufferable.

Maybe there is a part of you that wishes that the money would just rain down from heaven rather than being squeezed out of you.

Maybe you sit on the couch and dream of days where you will do what you love, rather than what you have to do.

Maybe it is something else, but at the core, you are not happy with how things are.

Maybe you do not like the way that your life looks.

That is okay. That is a natural feeling.

And if you feel this way, know that you are not alone. There are thousands of us that feel this way.

You are in good company.

And to this company, I must say one more thing.

While it is totally natural to not like your life at times, while it is okay to be dissatisfied with the way that things are sometimes, that should not the end.

This feeling should not be without action.

This dissatisfaction, this not liking your life requires that you do something about it.

My not liking that I can’t read comic books regularly should not stay merely an emotional position.

My dissatisfaction with my job, with where my calling is cannot stay being limited only to my mind.

Not liking how things are is okay, but when it is not expressed, when nothing is done about it, not liking things can become toxic.

Dissatisfaction can destroy your soul.

And no one wants that.

So share how you are feeling about your life. Tell someone about how your job makes you feel, or your having to pinch pennies.

Express how the current state of your life, your circumstances makes you feel.

Whether it is to a friend that you are close with, or with your spouse if you are married, or with your parents, it is imperative that you let them know how you feel about things.

After you have shared your feelings, how you do not like something in your life, do something about it.

I haven’t read comics in a long time. I just threw one on top of my book reading pile so that I read that before any other book.

I made a point to change things, to go from not liking how my life was to liking it again.

I don’t know when God is going to unveil that ministry and calling He has for me.

But I have made it a point to start charging ahead and do some ministry that I feel is needed, is aching in my heart to do.

I don’t like that we are pinching pennies to buy this house, but I am changing my thinking and attitude about this.

Rather than focusing on the financial struggling now, I’m looking towards the joy and security having a place that is actually “my” home.

Your individual life circumstances may differ from mine. You may need to find your own solution to the things that you do not like in your life.

But the decision to act, to do something, to leap into action is not limited to me. It has to be the reaction to dissatisfaction in life by everyone.

Not just by me.

If you have a feeling about you, the feeling of dissatisfaction, of not liking some things in your life, know that it is okay to feel that way.

It is natural to feel this way sometimes.

But in that feeling, do these two things.

Share what you are feeling with those close to you.

Then take action. Do something to change those things that you do not like.

Question Time.

What is that one thing that you do not like in your life?

What are you doing to change it?

Let me know in the comment section.



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