Photo: Hugues Songe
Photo: Hugues Songe

Everyone has an image of God in their head.

They may not admit to it, but they do.

Whether you believe there is a God or not, you do have an image of what God would look like tucked away in your sub-conscience and it be brought to the forefront whenever someone started talking about God.

From the atheists that say there is no God, to the agnostics that think there may be a God, but you can’t know him/her/it, to the numerous religions that sprinkle the Earth.

You cannot avoid it, and you cannot deny it.

Everyone has an idea about what God looks like.


For some people, God is a crotchety old man sitting up in heaven, wherever that is.

He is withered by time, his beard dragging on the floor, walking cane in hand. His power is diminished, his relevance to this place we call Earth is now gone.

Others see God with the giant white beard too, but He is not crippled and has not been worn out. Rather, God is very angry. Sitting on a white throne of judgment, God hurls his thunder and lightening bolts down to inflict pain and justice on those whom He wills.

There is a crowd that believes that God is a hippie. God is all about the love and peace and flower power. No rules, no governments, no discipline, no agenda, just relaxing in a completely natural and holistic world.

The opposition to that view are those who believe God is more of a military man. Rules and regulations will bring about His divine will. God demands that we all should live by the letter of the law or suffer the wrath of His Almighty Hand.

And these are only a few ideas about who God really is.

The list of adjectives to describe Him could go on forever, and that may not even scratch the surface of who He actually is.

Sometimes these ideas of God, pictures that people have conjured up in their imaginations are just that.

Pictures, ideas, images pieced together from this conversation, that movie, one “believer’s” description, or a scientist’s deconstruction of all faiths.

So then the questions are asked, Who is God?

What is He like?

What isn’t He like?

That is the purpose of this series.

God Is/Is Not Like will examine the question of who God is, according to the whole of Scripture.

God Is/Is Not Like will explained in a way who this God is and is not in a way that is relatable to the churched and unchurched alike.

God Is/Is Not Like will be a place to explore the character of God in ways that may be new for some people, revealing for others, or a simple reminder for others still.

I want to invite you to come along with me, in this ongoing series, to see who this God is, to see what the Bible has to say about who He is, who He isn’t.

I hope you do, because it has the potential to change everything for you.

Until Part Two comes out, I encourage you to ponder this thought.

“As he (St. Augustine, Church father) was walking by the sea, he saw a small boy who, with the help of a shell, was emptying water from the sea into a hole he had dug in the sand. ‘What are you doing, son?’ asked Augustine. He was impressed by the naive answer, ‘I’m going to empty all the sea into this hole.’ Augustine smiled. An inner voice, however, was saying to him, ‘You are trying to do the same thing by thinking you can understand the depths of God with your limited mind.'”

While we are trying to explain and understand who this God is, understand that we will be talking about someone that is so much greater than our minds can totally comprehend.

It may be difficult at times, it may seem lofty at times, but the pursuit of the knowledge and understanding of who this God is, is all worth it.

Looking forward to here from you.



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