Photo: Curtis Perry

Photo: Curtis Perry

I saw a really old car today.

And by old car, I mean I saw a 1971 Chrysler Newport.

This could be described as the mother of all big luxury boat-esk type automobiles.

There is a long front end, followed by a long cab section, and then a trunk big enough for a family to sleep in. Or for a mobster to put a dead body in a rolled up carpet.

Not that was a dead body in the truck of this car, but the sight of this car filled my mind with bygone images. Days when mobsters drove boats like this, when families stayed together and would take long road trips down to Disneyland, or when kids were named Timmy and Susan and a benevolent voice narrated over their actions in a cautionary television advertisement.

The car was in pretty good shape. There wasn’t a lot of rust on the edges,  and the trim was mostly there. The color was slightly faded and the seats showed sights of wear and tear, but not that badly. The engine had a few leaks, and tires were slightly cracked and saggy.

For a car that is 33 years old, it was in pretty good shape.

There are times when we feel pretty good despite our age. The wrinkles on our face, the gray hairs on our head aren’t so bad, they made us look distinguished, like we have been around for a while, stood the test of time and prevailed.

But there are other times where we feel like a rusty bucket of bolts. We feel the mileage taking its toll on us. We notice that we don’t have the get-up-and-go like we used to. There are days where we really just want to be driven out to the back pasture and left there to waste away the rest of our days.

Sometimes it is our body that makes us feel this way. In some cases it is our minds that are feeling worn out and not up to the old standards. For most, we feel like our soul has just got nothing left, that we should call it a day.

But here is the deep and simple truth.

You are not too old. You are not too worn out. You do not have too many miles on you.

Even when you think you do, there is someone that doesn’t care and still thinks that you are worth keeping around.

Jesus said that He came that we all may have life, and that it would be a full life. A full life, whether you think of yourself as an old, rusty boat type car or you think of yourself as a sleek new model. You are valuable to Jesus, not some piece of scrap that needs to be sent to the junk yard. No, you are seen as a classic, beautiful work of machinery. You are a prize that Jesus desperately wants to hold onto, because you are wonderful just the way you are.

Never let the lie, the burden that you are not worth anything, that you are too old or too worn down deter you from doing anything.

Jesus has come that you, an old 1971 Chrysler Newport, may work and function with all the excellence and perfect performance that He intended when He made you.

The trick is, you need to believe that deep and simple truth.

That Jesus can give you a full and abundant life, even when and if you are a little older model.



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