I wonder if Jesus enjoyed creation the way that we do.
I have a rotating background on my computer. Sometimes it is mountains, rivers, deserts, trees; a numerous collection of GIFs and JPEGs capturing some of the most beautiful things God has created. It is great to look at sometimes. I get lost in the wonder of the babbling brook, the snow capped mountains, the sparkling dirt in the desert. I look at captions of the stars and far off planets, totally getting lost in the wonder of the unknown. What is out there?
At the risk of sounding super cheesy, all those images, all that beauty, it makes my heart smile. It makes my soul a little bit happier. My long horse face stretches into a bit of smirk in the right corner.
I wonder if Jesus ever felt the same way.

I understand that Jesus, the Word, was with God when the universe and everything that is was created. I understand that through Him all things were created. I know that. I believe that.
But still I wonder if Jesus ever was astonished at the breath taking nature of…nature. I wonder if, while He was talking along the side of the Jordan River, he stopped to taking in the sight of the sun shining so brightly and reflecting off the green-blue glass flowing by. I wonder if while on the trek up the Mount of Transfiguration, Jesus looked back and smiled. Seeing the valley below, the water snaking back and forth, the green trees and grass stretching for the heaven, did Jesus enjoy that?
I would like to think that Jesus was human enough to enjoy the same things that we do. Things like feeling sand between our toes or the sweet cool breath on a hot summer day. I wonder if when Jesus could not sleep at night, he would stare at the stars and dream and remember the worlds that He had created. I would like to think that Jesus was an average guy that was just as taken back by all the glory that God has bestowed on the earth. I wonder if I am right.
What do you think?
Did Jesus enjoy creation just like we do?

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