At some point we will all be faced with a gray matter.

Not black or white, not simple right and wrong, but morally gray.

What do we do when faced with morally gray issues?


If we were going to make a list of all the morally gray issues that the world is currently plagued with, the list would look something like this.



Invetro Fertilization.



Death Penalty.

The list could keep going, and could branch into a million smaller morally gray issues.

Now there is a new one to add to the list, because starting as early as 2015 we may see this happening in our nations.

Three parent Invetro Fertilization.

Let me explain it to you a bit before I pose a question.

Three Parent Invetro Fertilization is a reproductive technology that uses three”parents'” DNA as a way to eliminate hereditary diseases. A major disease that is being targeted through this procedure is mitochondrial.

This disease can cause poor growth, loss of muscle co-ordination and strength, as well as lead to other complications in the heart, liver and kidney in newborns.

Modern medicine sees this as a way to avoid such complications in the future.

There are two ways that Three Parent Invetro Fertilization can be accomplished.

One: Eggs from a mother with faulty mitochondrial DNA and a donor with healthy mitochondrial DNA are collected. Then the donor’s nucleus is removed and discared. Next the mother’s nucleus is removed and inserted into the donor egg. After this the egg is fertilized with the father’s sperm. At last, the egg is then implated into the mother’s womb.

Two: Eggs from a mother with faulty mitochondrial DNA and a donor with healthy mitochondrial DNA are fertilized with the father’s sperm. The fertilized eggs now contain genetic material of sperm and egg – each enclosed in a membrane. These are male and female pronuclei. Next, the donor’s pronuclei is removed and discarded. The parents’ pronuclei is removed and inserted into the donor egg. Lastly, the egg is then implanted into the mother’s womb.

While the technical jargon may go over your head, there is something that most people will understand. This is not the natural way to have children.

This is not the way that life was designed to be created. Not with three people. Nor was life supposed to be dissected and removed or inserted.

But there are arguments that say that this is totally fine. For the purpose of this not to manufacture a designer baby, but rather to eliminate a genetic mutation. Is that so wrong?

But rather than get into a debate about life and how life should be formed, the right and wrongs with artificial insemination, I want to have you answer this question.

When it comes to morally gray areas, morally gray situations, how do you answer?

How do you come to your conclusions about issues that are not a simple black and white answer?

Does it involve Bible reading, prayer, a great deal of research into the topic?

Or do you just make a decision based on your gut, how it makes your spirit feel?

I want to know. Tell me how you decide on morally gray issues in the comments below.


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