Call it a crisis.

Call it a war.

Whatever you call it, it is not good.

Photo: FuTurXTV
Photo: FuTurXTV

Russia invading Ukraine. Riots flooding the streets. Politicians disappearing. Other world leaders barking orders for others to obey.

All of it is not good. Not on an earthly level, a physical level. This is not good on a spiritual level either.

And since I am in no position to fly to Russia or to Ukraine and fix everything in one miraculous swoop, I am left looking to someone to help. The One who can help is King over all kings, one who has given the governments their authority, for all power is on His shoulders, in His hands.

I will pray. We need to pray. The global community of believers need to go to God and pray.

This isn’t a black and white situation, it is gray. It is messy and there is no clear answer. No simple solution.

So the question is, what do we pray for?

There are many things that we could pray for, but three came to mind above all the rest. Three things that I believe that all Christians should be asking God for. Three things that will change the entire Ukraine Crisis.

1. Pray for the Spirit’s peace in the people of Ukraine.

At the announcement of Christ’s birth, there was the declaration of peace. Peace on earth, and that would include the Ukraine.

We need to be praying the Spirit’s peace into Ukraine because everything that is going on is anything but. Political upheaval, armies covering the streets, riots outside peoples’ doors; Ukraine is caught in complete chaos.

But that is not too much for the LORD. The God of peace will soon crush the madness and the chaos.

While there may not be light at the end of the tunnel right now, we can ask the Spirit to be with the suffering Ukrainians. To calm their hearts and minds, to give them aid to know that all things are in His hands, these things we should pray. We should ask the Lord of heaven and earth that His Spirit would flood those in this crisis to know that there is peace in the midst of war.

2. Pray for the Spirit’s wisdom for the world leaders that are getting involved.

President Obama has sent in Secretary of state John Kerry to talk to Russian President Putin about stopping their invasion. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is taking measures against Russia, like cutting economic ties until such actions are reversed.

Whatever the method our leaders and the rest of the world leaders try to implore to dissolve this madness, what they really need is wisdom.

Wars, invasions, political unrest; there are no rules or manuals on how to proceed or how to make it all go away.

Only the God of Wisdom, by whom the universe was created, knows the way to solve this crisis and the best way to see things move forward.

It is to God we need to petition to see that our leaders make wise choices, for everyone involved.

3. Pray for the Spirit’s love to be shown in the lives of the broken, captive, stranded or hurt.

While peace and wisdom are good things, the greatest of all things is love.

Ukraine needs more love flooding its borders now more than ever.

They need real tangible love in their streets, something more powerful than the tanks and soldiers thundering down the highways.

People need to rise up within the communities of the world, within the Ukraine and show love.

Doors need to be opened, people need to be welcomed. Medical aid needs to be given. Acceptance, friendship, love needs to be displayed and offered. Regardless of what becomes of this Ukraine Crisis, there needs to be an overwhelming outpouring of love.

While we can show it, it is by the power of the Spirit that it will be shown.


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