I find that it can be annoying to have your bank or financial institution calls you.
Whether you are at work, at home, out at the movies, there never seems to be a good time to have someone talk to you about your money.
Or what they can do for your money.
Or do to it.
Photo: MarkGregory007
Photo: MarkGregory007
A couple days ago, I got a call from one of my banks.
They had called to extend to me this wonderful new credit card service.
It would pay all my debts and leave money for my family, save my credit rating and about 8 other things all at the same time.
And all for the $10 a month on every $100 on my credit card.
For those of you thinking it was a scam, it wasn’t.
If I’m seemingly vague on details, I am. I didn’t really care about what my bank was trying to sell me.
I politely told the bank representative that I wasn’t interested.
I wasn’t going to lose my job.
I didn’t plan on dying anytime soon.
And then she said it.
“Well, how do you know? Tomorrow is not a sure thing.”
She’s right.
I have no idea what tomorrow will bring.
It could be another scorchingly hot day.
It could snow.
I could go to work.
I might die in my sleep.
She’s right. Even the wisest of men in all of history agree.
Read through the Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.
This bank lady was right.
But what I said was much more powerful than this truth she used.
I responded, “Well, I’m hoping for the best.”
That changes everything.
Those few small words spoke of a huge truth that is buried in my heart.
Hope, whether it is a sunny day, rainy day, whether I go to work or not.
I’m hoping that things are going to be good.
I’m hoping that things will work out.
I’m hoping that the end is not near for me.
The world has turned gloom and despair into a sale tactic to get your money.
They believe the worst is going to happen.
It’s true, bad things may happen.
But even in the shadow of the possible…Hope.
Because Hope is a small word that affects big change in your life.

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