Love Does may be the most challenging book I’ll read all year.

MyBookLook Summary:

If love is at the center of your faith, then it should change and effect everything.

It should rearrange how you see the people that you work with.

It should change how you interact with your spouse and children.

It should alter how you work and play.

Because Love Does changes everything.

Through wonderful and interesting personal stories, Bob Goff explores and expresses how Love Does recalibrated his understanding of God, his Christian faith and his whole life experience. But not only that it changed him, but how it changed his wife, children and even his job.

Love Does changes everything, and Goff invites us to know and experience this kind of Love.

MyBookLook Review:

While the concept of Love Does sounds simple enough, the reality of implementing what Love Does challenges everything in your life.

Your work life, your relationships, your faith are all invited to be stretched to new and exciting heights.

Goff and his revolutionary approach to life and faith have left me wondering and questioning how I should be interacting with this Love.

Love Does may be the most challenging book I will read all year.

MyBookLook Quote:

That’s what love does – it pursues blindly, unflinchingly, and without end.

MyBookLook Rating:

5 out of 5 stars


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