Now, I realize that this is no monumental achievement.
There are people that blog 10 times as much as me in a day, yet alone a week.
So, why am I all excited about this?
Because it taught me 3 very important things about me and my future.
Things that are true for you and your future as well.
Photo: Marvel Inc.
Photo: Marvel Inc.
1. I can do it.
When I came up with the idea that I would post a blog everyday, I honestly didn’t think I had the time.
Like most people, I do have a day job that eats up hours of my day.
And performing at this job requires that I sleep and eat at some point as well.
There is church stuff, youth group stuff, being married stuff, all kinds of stuff that was demanding my time.
How was I going to be able to find time to write 5 blogs?
I don’t know, but I did.
I still gave all my time to those other things.
But what changed and made these last 5 blogs a reality was this.
I set my sights on a goal and I went after it.
If it meant that I only got six hours of sleep, I didn’t care.
If it meant eating faster, I would do it.
I knew what I wanted, and I did what I had to.
Maybe your goal is loftier than 5 blogs in a week.
Maybe it is just to start a blog.
It all starts with some determination.
2.  Not every swing is a hit.
Babe Ruth was a record holder in Major League Baseball for a long time.
One of his records, most home runs.
Another, most strike outs.
Babe Ruth never gave up trying when it didn’t work out one time at bat.
He came back the next time with just as much determination as the last.
Sometimes it worked out.
Sometimes it didn’t.
The same is true for blogging.
Be aware that not everything will go the way you plan.
And that is totally okay.
3.  The sky is the limit.
Maybe not the sky is the limit, because there is all of outer space after that, but you get the point.
When I started this week, I had 5 ideas for blog posts.
Now, I have about 13 more that I haven’t started writing yet.
There is always more to say, more ways to explain yourself.
Everyday life will flood you with situations and conversations that are ripe for the writing.
Don’t be discouraged if you only have one or two things to say today.
Tomorrow is a whole new day.
And there will be more to say.
It may not look like what you wrote yesterday, or even that last post.
But there is always more to be said, written, pieced together.
You live in a small world, surrounded by infinite possibilities.
Grab one and go.
What did you learn this week while blogging?
Share with me and encourage all the readers.
Leave your learned lessons in the comment section below.

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